Things That Make One Unacceptable To God

We all want to do our best, look our best and portray our best before our peers, family and friends. But in our focal passage today, it is obvious that there are some other things that are more important to our Maker – things that would impact our eternity with Him. This sounds important enough for us to spend some time on today dear friends, stay with me on this…

DATE POSTED Tuesday, 2022-05-03
WRITTEN AT: Okeechobee, FL

SCRIPTURE FROM: Mark 7:20-23 
TRANSLATION: Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

BIBLE TEXT: 20 And Jesus said, “The things that make people wrong are the things that come from the inside. 21 All these bad things begin inside a person, in the mind: bad thoughts, sexual sins, stealing, murder, 22 adultery, greed, doing bad things to people, lying, doing things that are morally wrong, jealousy, insulting people, proud talking, and foolish living.23 These evil things come from inside a person. And these are the things that make people unacceptable to God.

APPLICATION: Going to the gym has become a high priority for many. Going to weight management classes reaches high on the priority list for many. Attending inspirational conferences and spending time with positive people is a must. Yes, we have become a people who have really dedicated ourselves to make a good impression on the rest of the world, and that’s a very positive thing for our image in the face of our boss, and those who tend to look at our stance in community. BUT, we should all be interested in what makes a difference in the eyes of God, as He determines our eternal destiny. I believe that every day, there are words, thoughts and deeds by us that determines who we truly are. It is important to remember that unlike our ability to hide certain aspects of our life from family and/or friends, our lives are an open book to our Maker. Let us never forget that there are two options for where one might spend eternity, and those options are evaluated based on our decisions in life, and our obedience to God’s commands. If you are intentional about making heaven your eternal home, then you will intentionally seek after Christ, and therefore closely desire to obey His Word. If you do nothing, or couldn’t care less, then obviously you have decided that you are content with Hell and the damnation that comes from its leader – Satan. So having laid the groundwork, I would like for us to think about the focal verses today. Jesus outlined some things that emanate from us that are detriment to the cause of Christ. These are attitudes and actions that result from what has been fed into our lives – by television; movies; the friends we hang out with; the absence of the teachings of Jesus Christ; etc. It is obvious that no matter how good the things are that make us healthy and put our bodies in shape, the really important things in life – the things that please God, truly comes from the inner man – from the things that touched our heart, soul and mind. Friends, let me be the first to tell you that the source of the things that please God, actually come from Him and His teachings in the first place. Verses 21 and 22 in our focal passage lists the things that negatively impact us, and on a close examination of these things, you will clearly see that these attributes are promoted by Satan himself, for the Bible has repeatedly taught against these things. So my challenge for you and I today is that we carefully go to the Source of life, and the Source of eternal life, for inspiration and spiritual growth in ways that please our Master. That’s what really counts in this life! Remember, only what’s done for Jesus will last, and as we learned from these verses today, only lives that are impacted by Jesus will go on to eternity with Him in glory. Where are you headed dear friend? Where will you spend eternity? Have you surrendered your life to Jesus, and find yourself learning from Him daily, so that you may reflect Him in every aspect of your life? That’s my desire, and I pray that each reader will do likewise. For the Christian reading, or listening to this devotional, let me suggest that you make a list of the things mentioned in Vs 21-22 and keep that list in a prominent place in your home. Review that list anytime the Holy Spirit convicts you of separation from God, so that you might determine if any habit are infiltrating your life, that are unacceptable to God. If ‘yes’, then determine in your heart to seek God’s help to get yourself back on track and fully acceptable to Him.

BLESSING(S) NOTED: For the child of God who lives according to His plan and His commands, we are reminded that Jesus died and was crucified so that we might have peace and acceptance with God the Father. The Holy Spirit is our helper to especially be on guard against the things mentioned in our focal verses.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, You have made it clear in Your Word what You demand of each of Your children. You’ve shown us how our lives will reflect the One to whom we are running to. Please touch each one that will read, or listen to, this devotional today. May we all know without a doubt where we are headed and where we will spend eternity. May our lives reflect that in everything we do and say, through Your strength and by Your power oh Lord. AMEN!

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