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Overwhelmed by God!

SCRIPTURE  FROM:   1 Chronicles 17:16-18 (CEV)

TEXT:  16 David went into the tent he had set up for the sacred chest. He sat there and prayed: Lord God, my family and I don’t deserve what you have already done for us, 17 and yet you have promised to do even more for my descendants. You are treating me as if I am a very important person. 18 I am your servant, and you know my thoughts. What else can I say, except that you have honored me?

OBSERVATION:   In response to David’s idea of building a house for the Ark of God to permanently reside in, God shared with him some of the things that He had in store for David and his family in the future, and part of that plan included one of David’s sons building a temple. Hearing what God had in store for his family, combined with all that God had already done for, and through David, just took him ‘over the top’ in being reminded once again how awesome his God truly was. This forced David into the presence of God, where He shared the excitement of his heart and the thanksgiving of a grateful, but undeserving man.

APPLICATION:   I once attended a prayer meeting, where the first thing the pastor asked us to do was to pray offering up praise and thanksgiving to God. It was amazing how quickly our prayers turned into asking, complaining, or griping about health issues. It was much harder than I would ever have imagined to just humble ourselves before an overwhelmingly awesome God, recognize His blessings on us and thank Him for those blessings. Some of this may have resulted from the habits learned and practiced, where we bring our petitions before God. But I truly feel like for every answer to prayer, we should return to the Father and give Him praise and thanksgiving. The other thing that I have learned from corporate prayer times, is that, when we seek God’s face, recognize Him for who He is and thank Him for all that He has provided for us, then we realize that we have no where near as much to ask Him for. Think about yourself with a broken finger. If you concentrate on the nine healthy fingers in your time of thanksgiving, and the importance of each one to your daily needs, plus you remember the young man that you saw in the grocery store that had lost his hand, I wonder how much you will labor in prayer when it comes time to pray for that one broken finger you have? Friends, we have much to praise God for, and we could very easily become overwhelmed in our praises as we recognize our many blessings before the God who showered them upon us. Just learn to praise Him, instead of building a wish list to present every time you bend the knee in prayer. We serve an awesome God, and there’s no need to act like beggars every time we speak to Him. Try instead to concentrate on these keywords: praise; thanksgiving; worship; recognition; blessings; rejoice; miracles; healing; omnipotent Father; Holiness; protection; unconditional love; etc.

PRAYER:   Precious Lord, You are so awesome in all that You have done for us, all that You have prepared for us; and all that You proactively do for us each day. How can we but praise You loving, and all-sufficient Lord! You often make a way for us, when the path seems so impossible, based on our abilities, means and insight. Thank You Jesus, thank You Holy Spirit and thank You Father God. From the very beginning of time, You were. Today You opened my eyes, blessed me with strength to stand up and realize how blessed I am to have a roof over my head and a comfortable bed to lie in. This tells me that You are still God and still blessing, even me. In accepting Jesus as my Savior, I am assured of a glorious place, called heaven, where I will live forever and ever at the feet of my Savior and our Father, God, singing praises for all eternity. This reminds me that You are also God of an eternal future, praise the loving name of Jesus! You deserve our praise oh God, and I lift up Your name on high today – praise the wonderful God that I love and adore! Bless my readers with honor and praise for their God today. AMEN!

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