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The Circle of (Christian) Life

SCRIPTURE  FROM:   Romans 15:4-6 (VOICE)

TEXT:  You see, everything written in the days of old was recorded to give us instructions for living. We find encouragement through the Scriptures and a call to perseverance that will produce hopeful living. I pray that our God, who calls you and gives you perseverance and encouragement, will join all of you together to share one mind according to Jesus the Anointed. In this unity, you will share one voice as you glorify the one True God, the Father of our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One, our Liberating King.

OBSERVATION:   I was excited to see that although God created us to worship Him, Paul shared with the church that it was equally as important to realize the work of God through His earlier saints who recorded God’s awesome works. In fact Paul alluded to the fact that we should learn enough from their writings, that we might receive guidance and wisdom for life that would cause us all to glorify God together with others who are reaching for the same goal. This is important to us today as well, so let us meditate on this for a while…

APPLICATION:   In the family movie by Walt Disney World titled ‘The Lion King’, kids were brought to the real life example of how God created animals to survive, sometimes even when it involves eating other animals. I was reminded of the idea portrayed in that movie when I read these verses today, because Paul taught us that it is not necessary to recreate the wheel. Our forefathers depended on God, and they shared their experiences and God’s teachings with us through the words in our Book of Instructions, better known as The Bible. Paul warned us a long time ago that as we learn from the Word of God, we will often find that not everyone will agree on the interpretation, however Paul encouraged us to try and work through our problems by keeping that one book at the center of our churches. He showed us that when we are all on the ‘same page’ in our belief system and serving the same God, there will be great joy in our midst and we will be driven to worship the one true God talked about in that one Book. In other words friends, we were created to worship our Creator; Satan led us astray where we did everything else but worship God; however, once our eyes are reopened to the truth of God (through His Word), then we will return to intimate worship to our God. So what do you suppose breaks this circle? May I suggest that it is the power of Satan working through the weaker links. This results in church splits; additional denominations; smaller personalized churches; but the most critical reason of all is that the unsaved sit back and watch all of this going on and realize how blessed they are to stay out of the confusion of so-called ‘Christians’. Friend of God, I believe you will be reminded that some churches will serve the good purposes of the almighty God, while some will look like a ball of fire to the unbeliever that they will want to stay far enough away from. I would dare say that our God is not a God of confusion and disappointments. He loved this world so much that He gave His one and only Son as a living sacrifice, so that any of us that believe on Him will have life forever. In that promise, we are also assured that when we pass from this earth in death, we will live with God in the heavens forever thereafter. Let us therefore keep our eyes fixed on the ultimate goal – heaven with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, and let us live our life now following the will of the Father, until we see Him face to face! Oh what a day that will be!!

PRAYER:   Lord Jesus, please help us to get over ourselves and keep our eyes fixed on You, the author and finisher of our faith. Please give us strength and fortitude to recognize trouble, and Satan’s endeavors, and to lean on Your power in those times to help us avoid and defend against evil. Please help us to remember that there are friends and unsaved loved ones that need to see Jesus and His mighty works, so there is no time to be messing up and letting You down through our words and actions. Oh that they may see Jesus in us, is my humble plea today. AMEN! 

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