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Careful to Pass on God’s Judgments

SCRIPTURE  FROM:   2 Chronicles 19:6-7 (MSG)

TEXT:   “This is serious work; do it carefully. You are not merely judging between men and women; these are God’s judgments that you are passing on. Live in the fear of God—be most careful, for God hates dishonesty, partiality, and bribery.”

OBSERVATION:   King Jehoshaphat appointed judges, and issued them the decree quoted in our text today. While we have judges today, and yes, we could easily ask our congress to apply this standard to their job description and court rooms, but I believe that God wanted me to apply this to all jobs that may bring along with it a sense of judging.

APPLICATION:   Never having been a judge, I believe it would be easy to study the law, compare it to the offense brought before you, that has been confirmed by witnesses and attorneys, and then pass judgment based on the variances. I realize that it is not as simple as it appears, because I believe that a judge will also take into account all that he/she has been told about the individual, to help determine if the offense was habitual, premeditated, etc. But what I want us to think about today, is that we make judgment calls in our home, at work, in church leadership and even in our every day walk of life. We may tend to believe that most daily decisions, or every day judgment calls, are just a necessity in life that requires little thought. However, I would like for us to think for a moment about the parts of our being that’s responsible for making these calls – our bodies, our soul and our mind. Can you see where many other conflicting ideas muddy the waters for us? I believe that our decisions might be more sound, and appropriate for the kingdom, if we take today’s Scripture to heart. Think about it. If we fill our hearts with so much of God’s Word, don’t you know that our decisions and our judgment calls will be made based on what the Word of God teaches? Think about how others will look to God and question why He just passed certain judgment on their friend(s), instead of allowing them to live the rest of their lives being mad at the message deliverer, perhaps the judge, or even one of us. I’m afraid that when we stray, and when we are not saturated in the Word, we are way more apt to make decisions based on our own biases, prejudices, bribery, partiality or just plain dishonesty. May I encourage you friends, to seek God’s face daily, because you have no idea what sorts of decisions you will be forced to make today. Ask for the guidance and wisdom needed to be God’s representative today. Allow those decisions and judgment calls to be His, and not your human, selfish, sometimes twisted decisions that may be impacted by a number of personal biases.

PRAYER:   Lord God, we are quick to look at others and the decisions they make, but seldom do we reflect on the decisions we made personally, without involving You. Lord, if we are to represent You in every way in our lives, then it is important that we place our daily decision making before You and ask for Your wisdom, guidance and direction. You know the right answers and You can direct us to making right decisions, but Lord we need You daily to humble us so that we would be more dependent on You. I know that works totally opposite to our normal tendencies to be independent, but Lord we want You involved, and we want You to receive the honor and glory from Your people for all that You do. We surrender today to You Lord. May the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer! AMEN!

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