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Use What You Have

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Saturday, 2017-04-22


Mark 4:23-25 (ERV)


23 You people who hear me, listen! 24 Think carefully about what you are hearing. God will know how much to give you by how much you understand now. But he will give you more than you deserve. 25 The people who have some understanding will receive more. But those who do not have much will lose even the small amount they have.”
Jesus was right in the middle of teaching, and I believe He probably started to see the blank stares that many teacher receive when they realize they may have lost their audience. Jesus was very careful to indicate the need for close attention and understanding, as they would be blessed as they share with others what they had learned from Him. In fact, He advised that they would by blessed in accordance with how much they share with others, from what they had learned. I wonder – are we receiving our share of blessings?
In a children’s class or even in a young adult class, the teacher might often do a recap at the end of class and ask questions about the lesson they just taught, to check for understanding, and also to prove how well the kids were listening. Isn’t it interesting that the ones who were most attentive, are the ones bubbling over with all of the answers? Ever wonder how many leave your class and while on break or in between classes they actually stop and share the exciting lesson they just learned in their last class? My daughter came to visit recently, and she was bubbling over with excitement about something she had just learned. Supposedly she had talked about the subject most of the day and couldn’t stop talking to her mom and I. I believe this is what Jesus is saying to us through these verses in our study. For if we listen to the right things, because Jesus taught that we are to listen carefully to the right things, and if we use that information to help others, or teach others, then we will be blessed with more and more, so that we could continually bless others for God. If we leave the lesson there, everyone would be happy, I believe. However, Jesus went on to say that if we ignore the good things that are being taught to us, and therefore don’t grasp the truth of the Word so that we could happily share that with a friend, neighbor, coworker or even family members, then even the small  amount of knowledge that some may have will be taken away. Friends, I believe we can recap this lesson by saying that blessings are in store for those who share what they have learned, however blessings are withdrawn from those who refuse to listen and/or share what they have learned. How’s your tank of blessings? Filled, or almost empty? You have now been reminded of the formula to refill your tank, go for it friend and willingly share what you learn so that the blessings keep flowing!
Lord Jesus, thank You for giving to us so that we might share with others! Please continue to show us how we might gain more, so that we might give more. Open our minds of understanding and our hearts with a deep desire to learn more. Help us to be empty vessels, because we have shared with others all that we have taken in. May You be blessed and glorified because of all that we give. AMEN!
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