How To Exchange Your Body For A New One

Just over recent days I have heard from loved ones wishes like this: ‘My pain was so bad that I wished Jesus would have taken me home right then’; or ‘I’m falling apart. One thing after another is wrong with me. How much more, Lord?’ or ‘Why did God have to take her, I’m the one beside myself in pain every day’; or ‘There is just no quality of life for her to continue fighting for.’ What about you, are you satisfied with life, or are you also looking for a new body without aches and pains?

DATE POSTED Sunday, 2022-07-31

SCRIPTURE FROM: 2 Corinthians 5:1; 4-5;
TRANSLATION: New Life Version (NLV)

BIBLE TEXT: Our body is like a house we live in here on earth. When it is destroyed, we know that God has another body for us in heaven. The new one will not be made by human hands as a house is made. This body will last forever. …
While we are in this body, we cry inside ourselves because things are hard for us. It is not that we want to die. Instead, we want to live in our new bodies. We want this dying body to be changed into a living body that lasts forever. It is God Who has made us ready for this change. He has given us His Spirit to show us what He has for us.

APPLICATION: It has been a while since I became so excited about a passage of Scripture, as I did with the first 10 verses of 2 Corinthians 5. In general, the Word of God is exciting, because it’s God’s direction; His comfort; His encouragement and His wisdom given to us. As a child of God, there are times when His Word speaks precisely to our heart, soul and mind, because it meets our need right where we are, at that time. This is one of those cases. I’m sure that I’m not alone in seeing: the brevity of life here on earth; the fragile bodies in which we live and how easily they are affected by diseases like Covid, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, and many other new diseases that seem to surface these days. No doubt you have lost loved ones, at what seems like extremely immature ages, and you might also be burdened by the pain of seeing loved ones suffer uncontrollably without good medical help, or even good answers in sight. But isn’t it super encouraging to hear the Holy Spirit remind us through Paul, that God will ditch this old, malfunctioning body and give us a brand new one? Friends, you might remember that whenever you traded in your old car for a new one, there were no more breakdowns; no more worn out tires; no more doubt about making it to your long distance location safely; for the old, worn out car was left with the dealer and all things are now new! That’s what I am excited to be reminded of today when I think of my God and the place He has prepared for me in Heaven! I trust that as you are reminded of this Scripture, and as you reflect on the idea of having a total replacement – made perfectly in God’s image, you will look deep inside and examine your state of readiness. For you see, God is quite the gentleman. If you chose to ignore Him here on earth, I believe you are aware that God will continue to, sadly, honor that in death. Seeing that you still have breath and the mental ability to read this devotional, please consider surrendering your life to Jesus immediately. Friends I know many who have died way sooner that the world seems to recognize as a ‘full life’. But be reminded that the world played no part in your creation, nor will they have a say in your resurrection. God alone is responsible for both acts. Enjoy the love, forgiveness and power of our Lord Jesus today and have peace about where you will spend eternity. No decision to know Jesus, leads to eternity in Hell with Satan and his demons. Eternal salvation through Jesus Christ results in the peace of eternity in heaven with Jesus and the Father (God).

BLESSING(S) NOTED: We’ve been promised a new body made and perfected by God that will last for all eternity. To know Jesus personally is our assurance of receiving this new body and the home prepared for us in heaven. Praise to our ever-living and glorious Savior, Jesus Christ!

PRAYER: Lord, You alone are God. You created this world, You created us, and You have created heaven for those of us that have accepted Your Son as Lord and Savior. Search me Lord, and know my heart. Please speak gently, but firmly, to the hearts of those who will read this devotional and continue to postpone their decision to accept You as Lord. Please create in them a new heart and a strong desire to make their heart right with You TODAY, before it is eternally too late. Draw them to Yourself more deliberately than You have ever done before. May today be a day of salvation for many, oh Lord. For those who know You personally, may we life up our hearts in glorious song as we worship and adore You today as Lord, King, Master and as Everlasting Father! AMEN!

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