He’s My Rock, Especially in Time of Trouble

DATE POSTED Sunday, 2021-08-15
WRITTEN AT: Hattiesburg, MS

SCRIPTURE FROM: Psalm 46:1-3
TRANSLATION: The Passion Translation (TPT)

BIBLE TEXT: God, you’re such a safe and powerful place to find refuge! You’re a proven help in time of trouble – more than enough and always available whenever I need you.So we will never fear even if every structure of support were to crumble away. We will not fear even when the earth quakes and shakes, moving mountains and casting them into the sea. For the raging roar of stormy winds and crashing waves cannot erode our faith in you.

APPLICATION: My wife and I have a relative who has been in hospital about two months, most of that time being on a ventilator. Not only was his family prohibited from visiting with him, but they are facing mortgage and automobile payments, plus mounting utility bills, while their primary bread winner lies incapacitated and without his usual income. Understandably they are questioning what will they do? In my Old Testament Scripture today, the Israelites were facing a ‘giant’ as they stood ready to cross the Jordan River to take up new residence in their Promised Land. Not only were they facing huge armies, but they have just been notified that their leadership is also changing. No doubt they also had many questions about ‘what will they do’? Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and after facing many personal challenging situations, David wrote the Psalm we are meditating on today. You see, David knew that like him, his ancestors and his descendants have either faced, or will face, extreme circumstances where they could only look upward and acknowledge before God that they have no answers or insight into what they should now do. Friends, our world leaders today are right at that same place in pondering ‘what will they do’? For the man-made vaccine they produced to prevent the spread of this disease, has merely slowed down the impact, but even to vaccinated individuals are forced into already filled hospitals because they are about to die from the impact of this disease. Hospital beds would have to be emptied by dying children, before additional infected children could be admitted, according to one US State official. Have we not reached the same dilemma, the same ‘giants’ as the Israelites, and as David faced? I believe that God knew all about the challenges we would face that we would have no truly known cures for, so He had David share these encouraging words with us: ‘You, oh God, are a proven and safe place for us to turn to in these troublesome times where we have no real proven man-made answers. Because of all that You have already proven to us throughout Your Word, we know without a doubt that You are a proven source of help for those who have placed their faith and trust in You. Our mountains of faith are shaking, and the earthquakes of failed attempts by doctors and others are making us question each day ‘what else is coming that will be worse than we have today?’ You alone are God, the One who created this world and each of us that run around in it. You know the ones who have thrown their hands up and conceded to the defeat of crime, dreaded diseases, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. So I believe that the rest is up to us, we must now look to You more than ever before to take our hand and lead us through these rough waters, these troublesome times and these circumstances that we seem to have no real worry-free answers for.’ I’m Yours Lord, please take my readers/listeners and I by the hand and lead us through, while easing our minds to all that’s going on around us.

BLESSING(S) NOTED: Jesus is more than enough to satisfy our needs and our ailments, and He is available at all times – even though hospitals may be filled and doctor’s offices closed!

PRAYER: Dearest Lord Jesus, we stand very flustered and almost worried about the outcome of family and friends who are fighting for their lives because of Covid. We often shelter ourselves from the world, because we know that there is nothing else this world’s doctors and hospitals could do. But then we read the words You inspired David to share with us, and we are reminded that there is One greater than all our diseases and worries. You designed and created these human bodies. You know what impacts our bodies, and you stand ready to help us fend off diseases or anything else that might cause us grief. Lord, I just want to say thank You for accepting my plea to know You and to draw close to You. Because of that, I can freely look to You for EVERYTHING in life. Please calm our fears and protect us from the evil one and any diseases that may threaten us. May this serious time in our lives serve to draw us closer to You and depend fully on You for every phase of life. We are anxious to enjoy all the blessings of heaven that You have prepared for us, but we would really like to stay here as long as You desire, so that our lives might influence the unsaved. Please be our comfort and stay while every day ministering to the needs and challenges of this world. AMEN!

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