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Looking Forward to THE DAY!

SCRIPTURE  FROM:   2 Peter 3:11-14 (ERV)

TEXT: 11 Everything will be destroyed in this way. So what kind of people should you be? Your lives should be holy and devoted to God. 12 You should be looking forward to the day of God, wanting more than anything else for it to come soon.When it comes, the sky will be destroyed with fire, and everything in the sky will melt with heat. 13 But God made a promise to us. And we are waiting for what he promised—a new sky and a new earth. That will be the place where goodness lives.   14 Dear friends, we are waiting for this to happen. So try as hard as you can to be without sin and without fault. Try to be at peace with God.

OBSERVATION:   God used Peter to remind Christians of his day, and to remind us today, that He will return. He has promised that! While we wait, Peter is warning us of the things that will bombard us, and the people that will discourage us, by doubting and questioning the integrity of God. In the focal verses, we are reminded of what kind of people we should strive to be while we wait. Because this applies to us today, we must be very familiar with what the Word of God instructs us, so let us stop and meditate on this for a while today. 

APPLICATION:   As kids, we might remember our parents either threatening us, or promising to reward us, depending on how well we behaved, and how obedient we were to baby sitters while our parents are out. Often they would return and ask the sitter how the kids did while they were away. Through Peter, God is instructing us on how we should act while He is readying our eternal home! As we stop and meditate, I wonder how we would rate ourselves on how we’re doing? Here are some things that stood out to me in this Scripture:

  1. My life should be holy and devoted to God. God knows all things, so He can quickly tell me how I’m doing in this arena, but if my family and friends were honest with me, I wonder what they might say? Is it apparent to them? One translation says that I should be consumed with godliness!
  2. I should be looking forward to the day of His return! One translations says that I should daily expect His return! ‘Daily’ tells me that I should never forget that my Lord will return – any day now! Yes, it could be today, and I should have a deep desire for that. To the contrary, remember hearing folk say that they hope the Lord will wait one more day? Perhaps so they could welcome their first grandchild, or meet the guy they met online and chatted with for almost a year, etc, etc. Would you say that you desire and long for the return of our Master?
  3. I should be trying my best to live without sin and without fault. Way too often, I believe that we ‘cave in’ to every little effort of satan to distract us from our walk with Christ, and from our path to holiness. If we ‘caved in’ so easily in our marriages, we would see a drastic increase in the rate of divorce, I believe. So isn’t it frightening to imagine what Christ might say when He sees us face to face?
  4. I should live at peace with God. Friends, we can only do this if our conscience is clear and we know wholeheartedly that we are living holy and righteous lives unto God. How are we doing?

PRAYER:   Father God, You have such awesome plans in mind for us, and we know this from the promises You have made in Your Word, yet we still seem so unenthused by the look ahead to THE DAY when You will welcome us home. All we know of here on earth are things like: heartaches, financial burdens, health challenges, hatred and many other things that pull us down every day. But to look through the clouds of doubt and heartaches of daily life here on earth, and to know that our Savior is awaiting our arrival with open, loving arms, does it not give you joy for today and great hope for tomorrow? Friends, if your know my Savior, let’s live like He ordained it in these verses today. If you don’t know Jesus personally, may I encourage you to seek Him out now and accept Him as Lord of your life? Read through my Footnote below and follow the plan of salvation outlined there. Accept Him today friend, while there is still time! AMEN!

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