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Our Compassionate Savior

SCRIPTURE  FROM:   Psalm 103:10-12 (The Passion Translation)

TEXT:  10 You may discipline us for our many sins,
    but never as much as we really deserve.
    Nor do you get even with us for what we’ve done.
11 Higher than the highest heavens—
    that’s how high your tender mercy extends!
    Greater than the grandeur of heaven above
    is the greatness of your loyal love, towering over all
    who fear you and bow down before you!
12 Farther than from a sunrise to a sunset—
    that’s how far you’ve removed our guilt from us.

OBSERVATION:   David had gone through many situations in his life, some that deserved praise from God and some that we would probably choose to keep away from God, for we may feel ashamed for God to know about those kinds of things. Yet David knew that God loved him anyway. In fact, God said in His Word that David was a man after His own heart. Let’s meditate on the awesome, compassionate heart of our King today….

APPLICATION:   So often we approach family and friends and try to encourage them to join us in following our Lord Jesus, but we will often hear about the vast difference between their life of sin and the sinless Savior that we are encouraging them to stand before in judgment. But isn’t it awesome that we can reassure them with verses like John 3:16, that assures them that God sent His Son to earth so that ALL might have eternal life, not just those who try to be good in their own strength? Isn’t it encouraging to share these verses from David with those friends, that in spite of their ugly past, or the sin that they are ashamed of, yet God will look at them as His child and will honor their request for forgiveness of sin? In verse 12 David reminds us that God would remove our sin so far from us that He could only think of measuring it by telling us that we should think of an endless distance such as the span between east and west. Friends, our God tends to respond to us in immeasurable terms like endless; forever; eternity; distance of east from the west; etc, because He never goes back on His word. That is hard for us to imagine, because we often make our decisions based on conditions and ongoing commitments of the other party. But when something is promised by our God, we could go to the bank with that. So may I encourage you to place your faith and trust in the God who will love you unconditionally and eternally. This is the kind of love that seems impossible and unbelievable, but based on the authority of the living Bible, I can safely assure you of that truth today!

PRAYER:   Thank You Lord for assuring us of Your love, in spite of our many weaknesses and endless disappointments to You while here on earth. Thank You Lord for providing an alternative to our life of sin, and I thank You for even tugging at our heart’s door so that we may seek Your face and the forgiveness of our sin while there is still breath in our bodies. Please forgive us for our determination to follow a sinful world, and for allowing Satan to have control over us. Lord, please mellow the hearts of the stubborn and hard-hearted today. May they find You and bast in the sunshine of Your love throughout eternity. AMEN!

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