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What Will You Do With Jesus?

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Tuesday, 2017-06-06


Mark 15:12-14 (Voice)


Pilate: 12 Then what do you want me to do with the King of the Jews?

Crowd: 13 Crucify Him, crucify Him!

14 But now he called to them.

Pilate: Why? What has He done to deserve such a sentence?

Crowd (crying all the louder): Crucify Him, crucify Him!

Barabbas is an active and a militant Jewish leader. In one sense, the choice that the crowd is offered—to have either Jesus or Barabbas released—can be seen as a choice between two types of revolutions. Do they want a revolution of power, a revolution that is easily visible, a revolution that will conquer their enemies in a way they can understand? Or do they want a revolution of healing, a revolution of love, a revolution that will bring the kingdom of God to earth in a mystical, transcendental way? It’s no wonder they make the choice they do. Who wants a gentle revolution in a time of war?
I would like for you to assume that you were in the public square of your town, and that a local judge, accompanied by military police on each side of him, with automatic rifles in plain view, is about to take the stage. Having been coached by your pastor and church leaders about what all of this involves, you stand as part of a large crowd before the judge. Now the question is posed to you, what will you have me do with your King – Jesus? The crowd all around you is shouting “Electric Chair”; “Hang Him”; and you see the smile come across the faces of the Military Police as they point their rifles over the crowd. No response is the same as agreeing with the crowd. However, remember that He’s the same Jesus that healed your mother; made your uncle to see again and raised cousin Lazarus from the grave. But what will you do with Jesus under these circumstances? I know, I made that choice extremely challenging for most of you, but allow me to challenge you with very lightly ways that could easily happen to you today. You arrive at work and immediately hear of a meeting that the president of your company has called with all employees. He comes onto the stage and in an obviously angered tone, lashes out about the reports he has received about these, so called ‘Christian’ workers who keep Bibles on their desks and use one of the board rooms at lunchtime to conduct a prayer meeting. You realize that Satan is making a dig at you and your fellow Christian workers, but what will you do? The 8 hours per day you are being paid for is expected to be worked for the company, and not evangelizing. However, you are convinced that you can’t leave Jesus at the door until you knock off. Friends, the Holy Spirit resides inside of you to guide you, protect you, give you wisdom, tip you off to digs from the evil one, love on you when you feel all alone and encourage you when you feel like you’re losing the battle in testifying for your Master. May I remind you that what’s inside of you will come out in the words you speak, your mannerisms and in the actions you take. I love a recent verse God placed before me, and it read something like this: when placed in situations where you don’t know what to say, simply open your mouth and speak what’s on your mind, as the Holy Spirit who lives inside of you will give you the right words! Wow! Let’s learn to stand up for Jesus, knowing that He’s got our back and will lead us in ways that will glorify Him! Glory to God on high!!
Lord God, thank You for being my Savior, Lord and soon coming King! You were mocked, beaten and suffered pain and embarrassment on a cross for my benefit. You already know the limits that each of us can take before we ‘break’, or cave in to the opposition. Thank You Father for filling us with Your sweet Holy Spirit as our strength, our guide and our deliverer. Please help us to be bold in our witness, and give us the strength to endure all things, for Your name’s sake. May You be glorified in all things that we do, all places that we visit, and all things that we say, AMEN!
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