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One More Time

Wednesday, 2019-04-17

Bible Reference: Psalm 27:13-14
Translation: The Passion Translation (TPT)

Bible Text: Yet I totally trust you to rescue me one more time, so that I can see once again how good you are while I’m still alive! Here’s what I’ve learned through it all: Don’t give up; don’t be impatient; be entwined as one with the Lord. Be brave and courageous, and never lose hope. Yes, keep on waiting—for he will never disappoint you!

OBSERVATION: David had witnessed the power of God in His life many times, yet he didn’t take that for granted. We see in this Scripture today, that David is asking God to intervene – one more time. The powerful thing about these verses is that David is not approaching God as a stranger, for he shares with us lessons he had learned from times past. Hopefully we can approach God with that same confidence today!

APPLICATION: Hopefully we all can remember a time that God was especially real to us. It may have been a time when we couldn’t figure out where to turn next, or who to turn to for help, when suddenly we sensed the power of God intervening in our life and giving us purpose to go on. At some point we may have learned that someone was praying especially hard and persistent for us, and that convinced us even more that it was the hand of God that touched us in our time of need. Friends, I believe that God especially gives us times of refreshing like that, so that we might have a memorial to refer back to and be encouraged by, for He saw our need and responded to our prayers when times were really challenging for us. The glorious truth is, that He could very easily ‘do it again’, if only we would seek Him and depend on Him. While I believe that these very special times might be refreshing times for us individually, I also believe that they sometimes serve as a tool that we may use to encourage others that may encounter similar challenges. Another real purpose that these special experiences, might serve, is to encourage our own selves when challenges come our way. Have you ever experienced a time when you sat down and almost cried, because the burden seemed so heavy? The need for power, or for encouragement, or perhaps healing may have been overwhelming. You may not have known which way to turn next – until the Holy Spirit suddenly brought to remembrance a time where God clearly responded to a similar need in your life. It was times like this, that you regained purpose in your relationship with the Master, and you were able to return humbly before the Lord and seek His forgiveness as you acknowledged your need and your weakness before the Creator of this universe, the Master of the land, sea, and every living thing. Friends, it is unfortunate, but way too often we try to assume control over our circumstances for which we have no power. And it’s not until we humble ourselves and rededicate ourselves completely to the lordship of Jesus Christ in total surrender, that we make room for Him and His awesome power to move mightily in our lives. I believe that God is waiting for us to surrender, or re-surrender ourselves to His will, so that He might move in our lives personally, and corporately, one more time. I need that, friends. I hope and pray that you will also see the need to be totally surrendered to Jesus – yes, even today!

PRAYER: In Your awesome expression of love, humility and power, You reached down and touched the life of this servant, and I thank You for loving even me that much. Oh that I may be reminded of whose I am, every time that Satan tries to discourage and pull me down. Lord, I believe that many who will read this devotional may have experienced similar times of discouragement, and may still be waiting for a touch from You once again. May this reminder for David be something that may return peace and encouragement to many who allow Your Word to penetrate their hearts today. Oh that they may be reminded of the mighty work You have already accomplished in their life, and may they be encouraged to seek You yet again, even in their current circumstances, knowing that You could just as easily ‘do it all again’! May You be glorified because of our surrender today dear Lord! AMEN!

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