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The Path of Blessing

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Friday, 2017-11-17


John 13:15-17 (TLB)


 15 I have given you an example to follow: do as I have done to you. 16 How true it is that a servant is not greater than his master. Nor is the messenger more important than the one who sends him. 17 You know these things—now do them! That is the path of blessing.
Jesus had just completed washing the feet of His disciples – the same guys that watched Him perform miracle after miracle; the one they called Master, and Lord, and Savior. Then after performing such an act, Jesus told the disciples to make a good mental note, because He wanted them to continue that practice, as the principle is one that would lead them to great blessings. Oh, what a lesson for us today…
Can’t you imagine this picture in your mind? You arrive at work, as usual with so much on your mind about what needs to be done that day, but as you enter the front door, the owner of the company you work for, is sitting just inside with a towel on the floor on which a basin of water is placed. With another towel thrown across his knee, the owner beckons for you to come over so that he could wash your feet. After propping up your bottom jaw, what type of inner feelings do you suppose would come over you? Do you think that you would ever look at your boss the same way again? Do you realize how proud we have become to have others share their gifts with us? Whether it’s money, or helping us take care of our home while we are off our feet with illness. We tend to become embarrassed about others giving to us in one form or another. Jesus said that as we humble ourselves and deliberately do things for one another, without regard for pride or stature or position, we are on a mission for a great blessing. When last have you evaluated who might be greater than you in your family, or in your workplace or in your church? Perhaps you should plan a foot-washing time with everyone that never crossed your mind as being greater than you. I believe that our lesson for today is to remind ourselves that everyone is equal at the foot of the cross, so why should we feel otherwise here on earth. We may have less money than our neighbor, and because of that they might have a much nicer house or car, but at the feet of Jesus we both will appear as Christ followers saved by His grace. Of course, if one of us have allowed our pride to get the upper hand of us and we have not acted like Jesus while here on earth, then chances are that there may be one missing around the throne, and having to now deal with Satan in the pit of Hell. In analyzing our position today, may I suggest that you first go back to the day and hour that you surrendered your heart to the Lord Jesus. Secondly, I would recommend that on a daily basis we evaluate our lives in comparison to the teachings of Jesus Christ (not our neighbor) to see what areas need improvement. We all want to be on the path of blessing, but to be there we have a lot of self evaluation, humility and love to work on with those we tend to look down at.
Lord, we read so much about Your humility, and we want to express that in our own lives every day. We see many examples of Your love for all mankind, and although we struggle with that sometime, we are convinced that You can make a sinners heart clean, so we have no doubt that You can also help us to love everyone. We want to be just like You Lord, but we need extreme help from You to do that. Please guide us so that our path in life will lead to blessing. AMEN!
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