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Proof of Sonship

SCRIPTURE  FROM:   Hebrews 12:5-8 (TPT)

TEXT: …. “My child, don’t underestimate the value of the discipline and training of the Lord God, or get depressed when he has to correct you. For the Lord’s training of your life is the evidence of his faithful love. And when he draws you to himself, it proves you are his delightful child.” Fully embrace God’s correction as part of your training, for he is doing what any loving father does for his children. For who has ever heard of a child who never had to be corrected? We all should welcome God’s discipline as the validation of authentic sonship. For if we have never once endured his correction it only proves we are strangers and not sons.

OBSERVATION:   In our Scripture today we are reminded of one of the finest aspects of sonship with our heavenly Father. Unfortunately, it is an aspect that most Christians would probably prefer didn’t exist, because no one likes to be ‘disciplined’. However, it is vitally important that we especially meditate on this while considering verse 8 – that an earthly father will discipline his children, and if he doesn’t, it’s probably because we are not his child. The same applies to our Heavenly Father, so let’s consider what evidence of sonship might become evident to us today.

APPLICATION:   Anytime that we think of our parents, we probably think about the love that they have for us. Anytime we think of the reason one accepts Jesus as Lord, we probably think about the great love that Jesus has for us, and them. However, part of the reason we remember the love of our parents, is because we may recall the times of discipline given, because of their deep love for us and how they wanted the very best for us. However, seldom do we promote the idea of God also disciplining us. But think about it friends, if there is not a point of discipline by God, and He allowed us to do whatever our earthly desires are, would that truly indicate a God who loves us and wants His very best for us? Absolutely not. So I would recommend that we look at God’s discipline just like a business person who looks at complaints coming into their business as a ‘gift’. Without the complaint, a customer will try another business establishment to see if they could get it right. Through the complaint, the customer is saying to a business, here’s what you are not doing well at, correct it for success because I want to continue doing business with you. God’s discipline is showing us that He cares enough about us that He wants His very best for us But to accomplish that we may need an attitude adjustment, or we may need to look at others with respect and not look down on them because their gifts are different to ours. I believe that you will find where it is challenging to accept discipline, and often you could see no good reason for it. May I remind you that God is the only One who knows about tomorrow, and the needs and opportunities that will exist when that time comes? Trusting God means that you understand that previous statement and that to be aligned with God’s perfect will for your life, you are at His disposal and direction for everything that He has planned for your good, and His glory. Are you there yet? I believe this requires daily communication with God, asking for strength to endure and be obedient to whatever He desires of you that day. We are far from perfect, but with a perfect God as our Master and our Guide, He will lead us into opportunities that we would never dream of, or think possible. Let go of selfish desires and ask God to direct your path, my friend. He may have a soul to save, a saint to heal, a discouraged warrior to cheer up or much more than we could imagine, and He may have you or I taking part, as His physical hands or feet on the ground! Oh to be His ambassador, and to be a part of God’s miraculous plan for us!

PRAYER:   Father, we all love the idea of being Your precious Son or Daughter, but there is a total negative connotation when we think of You having to discipline us into full obedience to Your will. Lord, may Your Word speak to the hearts of many who will read this devotional today, and may we all be reminded of the love that is transmitted through Your discipline. For we may look at discipline as changing or stopping a behavior that we love, but I truly believe that You intend it for our good and for the benefit of Your kingdom. Oh that we may be used of You in some way today, and I know that it will take Your ‘discipline’ for many of us to redirect from the plans we have in place already for this day. Our desire is for You to be glorified oh Lord, and that You might use even us to bring glory to Your name. AMEN!

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