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Reassurance To Participate In God’s Work!

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Monday, 2017-09-04


Judges 7:13-15 (TLB)


…. “I had this strange dream,” he was saying, “and there was this huge loaf of barley bread that came tumbling down into our camp. It hit our tent and knocked it flat!”
14 The other soldier replied, “Your dream can mean only one thing! Gideon, the son of Joash, the Israeli, is going to come and massacre all the allied forces of Midian!”
15 When Gideon heard the dream and the interpretation, all he could do was just stand there worshiping God!
In order to encourage Gideon that everything was aligning just as God said it would for the battle against the Midianites and their allies, God told Gideon to sneak down by their camp and he might overhear something! This was the last piece of encouragement that Gideon needed, but before he proceeded to battle, he first stopped and worshipped the Lord God for being so patient with him and for the awesome God that He was! A great lesson for all of us….
I would encourage you to read the whole chapter on this, because Gideon was just like us in doubting that he was really hearing from God, and about His mighty works. God went through a time of testing by Gideon, that allowed him to prove that it was really God telling him to go to battle. Then Gideon put together the size army that he thought he would need, around 32,000 men. In verse 2 God told Gideon that He wanted to make sure that his army would never boast of their own works in this battle, so God ordered Gideon on how to reduce the army to…. 300 men! Can you imagine how blown away Gideon must have been? But Gideon was very obedient and did as God said. Just in case Gideon was still having some doubt, God gave him yet another piece of encouragement, by sending him to the outskirts of the enemy camp so he could overhear how they were feeling. Friends, I know that we read story after story in the Bible that might frighten us about our lack of faith in the all-powerful God that we serve, but this story reminded me of the peace that we can have in our totally patient God. He is awesome in power and could independently win battles with, or without us. His love for us is outstanding. His patience for those that He created is strikingly amazing! There is no god like our God! There is no love, like the love He has for us! Praise God that He encourages us through our humble pittance that we could attribute to His work, knowing full well that more often than not, we probably just get in His way. Yet He is patient and willing to teach us each time that we are willing to participate in His work! Friends, if we are going to be the image of Christ to unbelievers, we must be engaged in His work. Yes, we know that we are not able to do a whole lot using only our God-given talent, but just as God told Gideon, He wants it to be evident that God performs the miracle, or the work, even though He may have allowed us to be involved here on earth!
Lord Jesus, You are awesome in every aspect of life! It blows us away that You would even use such simple folk as us to accomplish Your work, and that Your mighty work can be accomplished through us, if only we would humble ourselves and let You. Just as we read about the miracles you performed through Gideon, I have faith to believe that You can also do the same through Your servants today. Many who will read this devotional today know You personally. Please use us in Your work here on earth in some form, so that Your work might spread throughout the earth even through us. For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, AMEN!
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