Our Priorities vs God’s Priorities

DATE POSTED Friday, 2022-11-25
WRITTEN AT: Okeechobee, FL

SCRIPTURE FROM: Luke 5:18-20

BIBLE TEXT: 18-19 Then—look! Some men came carrying a paralyzed man on a sleeping mat. They tried to push through the crowd to Jesus but couldn’t reach him. So they went up on the roof above him, took off some tiles, and lowered the sick man down into the crowd, still on his sleeping mat, right in front of Jesus. 20 Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the man, “My friend, your sins are forgiven!”

APPLICATION: I’m sure that excuses such as: “I heard that you can’t get anywhere near Jesus because of the crowds”, or “I must be back in an hour to catch the game, so I can’t take that chance in leaving to go with you” or “I just got home from work and I can’t leave that quickly, can’t you find someone else to go?” or “I have family in town and I can’t leave them for what may wind up being an hour or more, just to take the old crippled before a man claiming to be God?” or “My family needs me tonight way more than this mission you have dreamed up to take old Jack before this so-called prophet who doesn’t even worship with us each week”. Now imagine arriving at the home where Jesus is, and the excuses that would be used by our current day Christian workers. Friends, before you consider me crazy for thinking this way, think about interviewing fellow ‘Christians’ about their Bible-reading habits. Or their priority in attending your church prayer meetings each week. It is pitiful to see, perhaps less than 1% of your membership who find the time and priority to read their Bible and seek guidance from the Almighty God or attend Prayer Meetings where they could join with other believers around the throne in conversation with their Father. Would it be any different if those absent heard that Jesus would be at your Prayer Meetings in physical form? What if you told them that this might be a healing service? Or that you need them to join with you in prayer for a crippled man, like the one mentioned in this story? Do you suppose you would find the regular attendees bold enough to step out in faith and talk to God openly about healing a crippled? Unfortunately, many attending church have their false precepts that the pastor or elders or deacons are the only ones to pray over someone. Friends, these men of the community were determined to get the paralytic before the God of all Healing. Are you willing to put aside your personal agenda to help someone get at the feet of Jesus for salvation or healing or encouragement? Because of the faith and actions of the men who carried this man to Jesus, the man had an even more important miracle performed in his life than the men realized. His sins were forgiven – THE most important aspect of one’s life was attended to. Jesus first saw a sinner – the spiritual needs of the man, before He saw the physical need for healing. Is that not enough for us to drop everything we are doing to help someone with such critical needs in their lives? Can I suggest that we make every effort to see others through the same lens that Jesus saw this crippled man? Their spiritual needs first, then turn to begging Jesus for any other physical needs they may have.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus I must come before You in humility today asking for Your forgiveness for the times that I have come before You in prayer for a Brother or Sister, but without addressing their spiritual need first and foremost. Please help me to gain the priorities that were most important to You. Please take this vessel and mold it to be just like You. Please help me to be in tuned with You and Your Word each and every day so that I may hear Your voice and obey Your commands and become more like You in my words and in my actions. It is my strong desire that You would also touch the hearts of each and every reader and listener to also acquire the same priorities that You demonstrated to us in this account today. AMEN!

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