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The Law vs Salvation

SCRIPTURE  FROM:   Romans 3:19-20 (VOICE)

TEXT:  19 We want to be clear that whatever the law says, it says to everyone who is under its authority. Its purpose is to muzzle every mouth, to silence idle talk, and to bring the whole world under the standard of God’s justice. 20 Therefore, doing what the law prescribes will not make anyone right in the eyes of God—that’s not its purpose—but the law is capable of exposing the true nature of sin.

OBSERVATION:   Paul was dealing with the same thing that we still hear today…. I know that God will allow my dad into heaven, because he is truly a good all around man. He loves his family, gets along with his neighbors and he is a true example of all the law expects from anyone. It sounds like am image was drawn of a ‘good’ man according to his obedience of the laws of the land and what mankind has defined in their minds. But is that really all that’s necessary to enter the kingdom of God?

APPLICATION:   The law of the land may dictate that: the speed limit on Main Street USA is 30 MPH. Obedience of that law will stop the cops from pulling you over, vs disobedience costing you up to $200 for a speeding ticket. There are a multitude of laws in the Old Testament, and some people choose some of those laws to ‘hang their hats on’ and insist on following them. Friends may look at these people as being kind of weird for following such traditional laws, but they can be praised for being so disciplined and motivated to obey rules that God may have dictated for His rulers and saints of old, because they had no other guidance for right living. However, in light of what God expects of us today, based on what He did for us at Calvary, does that obedience of law have anything to do with the divide between us and our Father? Absolutely not, for the Word is clear, that ‘Whosoever believes on the Son of God will have everlasting life’. Now friends, I am sure that God would delight in His born again saints today, if they studied the laws He gave to His Old Testament saints, and if they try to live according to the laws that still make sense today. But know that Your relationship with Jesus Christ is the deciding factor for allowing you into Heaven. Following the laws of the Old Testament may very well give you good principles to follow in life, but they have no saving grace associated with them. Studying the Old Testament is an excellent way of learning the ways of God and understanding those things that please Him and/or upset Him. It’s an awesome way of seeing the awesome power of God through the many miracles He performed through His prophets there. But at the end of the day, we walk away identifying the good deeds of some versus the bad deeds of many. We’re able to identify that, by comparing what they did vs the law established for them. And afterwards, we are no closer to heaven than when we first started, for the Word of God goes on to tell us how, because of our sin, God sent us Jesus – the only means by which we might be saved from our sin, and through whom we might know that we have eternal life with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost in heaven. Where are you at today friend? Do you know from the laws of God that you’re a pretty good person, or do you have a personal, intimate relationship with the King of all kings and Lord of all lords, Jesus Christ? Without the latter relationship you might obey the laws of God, yet never see the glories of Heaven. Don’t risk that my friend.

PRAYER:   Thank You Jesus for saving my soul, that You Lord for making me whole, thank you Lord for giving to me, Thy great salvation – so rich and free! Oh what a Savior! For You came to fulfill the many laws that You laid our for Your children to follow, and because of that we can look forward to the glories of heaven with You and the Father one day! Thank You precious Lord. Please use this devotional to bring You glory through touching the lives of those who read this and whose eyes are opened to the truths of Your Word. I ask these things humbly and with great expectation, AMEN!

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