How Do You Handle Correction?

God’s Word Says….

Acts 21:27-30 (GNT)

27 But just when the seven days were about to come to an end, some Jews from the province of Asia saw Paul in the Temple. They stirred up the whole crowd and seized Paul. 28“Men of Israel!” they shouted. “Help! This is the man who goes everywhere teaching everyone against the people of Israel, the Law of Moses, and this Temple. And now he has even brought some Gentiles into the Temple and defiled this holy place!” (They said this because they had seen Trophimus from Ephesus with Paul in the city, and they thought that Paul had taken him into the Temple.)

30 Confusion spread through the whole city, and the people all ran together, seized Paul, and dragged him out of the Temple. At once the Temple doors were closed.

My Thoughts…..

It is sad that the unchurched of today remain unchurched, often because of bad experiences with Christians, or the church. It is even more sad that many Christians ‘pack up their toys’ and leave a church when they can’t have their own way, or when the pastor/preacher/priest preaches God’s Word and it does it’s intended job of highlighting sin in the lives of those listening, but ‘Christians’ leave because someone is identifying certain things that they do as ‘Sin’. Not sure what really set off the Romans when they heard Paul preach, but they had their fill and was not about to let it continue. So instead of ‘packing up their toys’ and leaving, they just thought they would incite trouble and kill the messenger. But you may ask, “How might this relate to us today?” Friends, Satan still does his best to interfere and/or stop the work of the Lord, and he uses the unsaved, and the weak, selfish, children of God to accomplish his work. We may have come far enough in our society that church goers might not grab the messenger of God, drag him outside and try to kill him, but they often allow Satan to use them in more cunning ways to destroy, or severely inhibit the work of the Lord in our churches and/or communities. Churches are closing their doors at a greater rate than most people could ever remember in history; Bible study and prayer has been kicked out of our schools; churches are in such discord that most pastors could only stand an average of 18 months on the job without their health being severely impacted.


I believe that our challenge today is simple, but yet very challenging. For those who have not surrendered their lives to the Master, I would challenge you to listen closely to the Spirit of God that might be encouraging and convincing you of your need of a Savior. Please don’t look at others who are trying to be Christ-like. When you make your decision to accept the call of God on your life, you will have an obligation to be like HIM, not like the ‘Christian’ you have known who appears to be a hypocrite. Each of us will be accountable to God for ourselves, and I’m pretty sure that an answer indicating that you tried real hard to be like Brother ‘Fred’ (who whomever) will not be acceptable to God. Yes, Christians should live their lives in a manner worthy of others following them, but our responsibility is always that we live like Jesus did. Now, to those of us that know that we are Christians, please let’s remind ourselves that Satan is still alive and working harder than ever to destroy the work of God. Furthermore, he is trying to use us to do his dirty work for him. Daily in the Word; Daily in prayer; Take time to worship with other believers; Encourage one another, and do not pull each other down; These are some of the attributes that will help us to stay strong in our faith. I have always heard “idle hands are the devil’s workshop”, and I believe that this is proven way too often. Make this your new, or renewed objective each day – to be more like Jesus in everything you say or do. Then, get into the Word (the Bible) so you can learn the ways of God and the things that Jesus said! You’ll find yourself praying for your pastor, instead of tearing him apart for every little thing!


Lord Jesus, it is amazing how little things have changed from the days of Paul’s persecution, to the wickedness that still destroys churches today. I pray that You will prick the hearts of Christians anytime we are tempted to follow the wishes of Satan rather than doing Your will and being Your imitators. Lord, it sometimes feel like we are losing the battle in winning the lost to You, and that way too often the world, or Satan, is winning Christians over to his army of evildoers and backbiters and destroyers of Your work. I am reminded that You are still very much in control and that these things happen to cull out the evil from Your churches, but Lord, please encourage those of us that look on these events as discouragement in the ministry. Please remind us to keep on task with our individual mission to draw closer to You every day, and to keep on witnessing to the unsaved, or fallen, so that they may catch a glimpse of You and gain a desire to know You in a personal way. Father, this is a mighty task in my eyes, but I am reminded that ALL things are possible with You, so I ask all this in that all powerful name of Your only Son, Jesus, my Lord, AMEN!


In response to God leading You through this devotional today, please get with a Bible teaching Pastor you may know and allow him to guide you. Otherwise feel free to reply to my post online, or you may email me directly at I will gladly add you to my prayer list, and/or respond to your request(s) ASAP.