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Who Am I Lord?

Friday, 2020-02-07

Bible Reference: 1 Chronicles 17:16-19
Translation: New Living Translation (NLT)

Bible Text: 16 Then King David went ins and sat before the Lord and prayed, “Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far? 17 And now, O God, in addition to everything else, you speak of giving your servant a lasting dynasty! You speak as though I were someone very great,[b] O Lord God! 18 “What more can I say to you about the way you have honored me? You know what your servant is really like. 19 For the sake of your servant, O Lord, and according to your will, you have done all these great things and have made them known.

OBSERVATION: Can you imagine? Can you even think, why a perfect and holy God, the Creator of the universe, would take a moment to look at us, be concerned about us and the things that concern us? Why? Does that not blow your mind why a King would live and die for a sinner such as you or I? David had a very intimate relationship with God, yet he was overwhelmed with all that God chose to do for him and through him. Think about the ways that God has blessed you?

APPLICATION: I wonder how often we stop asking, begging or pleading with God long enough to just soak in the awesome work He has already completed in our lives? Do we ever stop long enough to give God credit for the wondrous ways that He has blessed others through us? David wanted to excel by building a temple for the Ark of the Covenant to be placed in, for he was feeling guilty that he had a palace, yet there was not a single place that could be considered ‘God’s home’. Notice how God put David in his place and ordered him to stand down, as this was not something that he would construct, but one of his descendants would have that pleasure. Now, with that added information, David is going before his Maker, not to show how upset he is over God not accepting his offer to give, but to thank God for all He has done for him, and continuing to do through his children. Friends, I would love to be able to give, and if I could do it through a friend or relative, I would be thrilled. My desire is to see the work of the Lord flourish, so I pray that God will be lifted up and magnified for all that is received for His work. Remember, God blesses us with our jobs and with a good income. What we give back to Him is just a token of all that He blesses us with. Let’s also remember that we receive many gifts that are not necessarily monetary in nature. Considering all those who work diligently for the kingdom, who am I that God should bless me? Like David said in the preceding verses, there is no one like my God. Let’s thank Him and praise Him for who He is, and for the love and honor He has bestowed upon each of us that call Him – LORD!

PRAYER: Thank You Heavenly Father for accepting me, just as I am. Like David, I acknowledge that I barely understand how You could love me knowing exactly how I act, and how I fail in so many ways. You alone are God, and You love me in-spite of my shortcomings and inadequacies. In fact, I could only imagine that it’s because of who You are and because You are alive in me. Thank You Heavenly Father for loving even me, and blessing my readers and I beyond anything we deserve based on our own merit. May You be honored, praised and glorified because of Your Holy Spirit being alive and well in us. Thank You dear Jesus. AMEN!

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