Oh, That They May See Jesus!


Studied: 2 Chronicles 15



  1. 2 Chronicles 15:9 ~ …. Many of these people were now loyal to Asa, because they had seen that the LORD was with him.
  2. 2 Chronicles 15:17 ~ As long as Asa lived, he was faithful to the LORD, even though he did not….


  1. It is interesting to note that Asa gained the confidence of the people that he served because they saw something ‘real’ in him. I am of the impression that they saw nothing phony about him, but that they saw evidence that God was with him, and that there were things being done that could only be attributable to God’s mighty hand. I believe that today we are so self centered and looking so badly for credit for something that we have done, that God is left out of the picture. In situations like this it is interesting how the people will also recognize that there is nothing Godly about the accomplishment but a personal achievement of the individual. I am a strong proponent of giving God thanks for the little things and the big ones. As I put this into practice more, I trust that others will hear me give God credit so much that they will automatically consider an accomplishment a ‘God thing’ in the future instead of anything that I could ever do. I love a small little sticker that I saw one preacher put on his pulpit, “Oh that they may see Jesus”, and yet another one that read, “Hide me behind the cross today Lord”. After all, “Without Him, I could do nothing”.
  2. If I achieve nothing else in this life, I pray that one thing will rise to the top and be recognized by anyone that knew me, that although I may not have accomplished everything my family, friends or acquaintances may have expected of me, yet is was evident that I was faithful to God in all things. I would never say this personally, not do I like to hear this while I am alive, because I know that it is only through the grace of God that I can do anything extraordinary or in His name, so under no circumstances should I receive credit for anything that I may do. The glory goes to God!


  1. Father, You and You alone I serve. May I hide behind the cross so that others will always see You, and not this humble child that You created. For others can be healed, saved, encouraged, strengthened in their faith and taught to love others, but only through Your grace. Please help me to not be a stumbling block to someone else, but to be a promoter of Jesus Christ in all that I say or do. Use me for Your ultimate glory today!
  2. Lord may I always be so aware of Your love and Your power working in and through me that I will always take a back seat and allow You to receive the praise for anything accomplished. May others be drawn to You as a result of anything of which I am a part.

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