Whom Then Shall I Fear?


Studied: 2 Kings 7; 2 Chronicles 20



  1. 2 Kings 7:18-20 ~ Earlier, when the king was at Elisha’s house, Elisha had told him that flour or barley would sell for almost nothing. But the officer refused to believe that even the LORD could do that. So Elisha warned him that he would see it happen, but would not eat any of the food. And that’s exactly what happened–the officer was trampled to death.
  2. 2 Chronicles 20:13-15 ~ While every man, woman, and child of Judah was standing there at the temple, the LORD’s Spirit suddenly spoke to Jahaziel, a Levite from the Asaph clan. Then Jahaziel said: Your Majesty and everyone from Judah and Jerusalem, the LORD says that you don’t need to be afraid or let this powerful army discourage you. God will fight on your side!


  1. There is a verse that this story has reminded me of, Hebrews 10:31~ It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God, for this is what happened to the king’s guard. Elisha was truly a man of God and just as he told the king’s guard after he doubted that even God could provide the amount of grain that Elisha spoke of, so it happened. These verses speak to me in telling me that it is crucial that I listen to, obey and believe God’s Word, without doubt and fear, for my God is no different today than He was in the days of Elisha. God can still move mountains, so I mustn’t doubt that He could also attend to the problems and challenges that I feel are so insurmountable today. God is still on the throne and He will remember His own, His promise is true, He will not forget me, God is still on the throne. What great promises are hidden in the words of this little chorus.
  2. I believe that God had two things to show me in these verses:
    1. Jehoshaphat prayed for help from God while this huge army was approaching to attack, yet God chose to speak to Jahaziel. I can only take my concerns to Jesus, but I have no right telling Him how or when to respond. For some reason He chose to answer through Jahaziel. Did He answer Jehoshaphat’s prayer? Yes He did, but in His time and to whom He wanted to speak.
    2. As I take my burdens before Jesus, I can rest assured that God will be on my side, so I needn’t be afraid or disheartened, for with God on my side whom then shall I fear? Absolutely no one or no circumstance!


  1. Thank You Father for being so attentive to me and my needs. Thank You for bringing these promises to mind today as this brings me strength to go on, knowing that the King of all Kings, my Savior and my Lord is in charge and will take care of all my needs today. I am reminded more and more everyday that I can do very little without You holding my hand. May You be that Guide, Deliverer, Strength and loving Savior that I need today. May I find comfort in knowing that the work that seem so backed up on my plate at work, will become lighter in my mind knowing that You are there to guide me and help me through it all in a very timely manner.
  2. Father You are truly awesome and I am so thankful that I know You and follow You each and every day. Thank You for these encouraging words this morning and the awesome reminder that with You on my side, I needn’t worry about a thing! Please help me to be the servant that You can use to be Your example in my family, in my church and in my realm of influence. I thank You Lord for accepting me as Your son. Please guide me each day into being the representative that You can be proud of, and used to glorify You and reach the lost.

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