There is Power in the Blood of Jesus


Studied: Revelation 12  


Revelation 12:10-12 ~ Then I heard a voice from heaven shout, “Our God has shown his saving power, and his kingdom has come! God’s own Chosen One has shown his authority. Satan accused our people in the presence of God day and night. Now he has been thrown out! Our people defeated Satan because of the blood of the Lamb and the message of God….”


I believe that the part that really spoke to me in this passage is because of the blood of Jesus, because of His death (and subsequent resurrection), and under the written authority of the Holy Scriptures, God’s people (Christians) had power to, and defeated Satan. Wow! I believe that even today, with the power of God through His Holy Spirit that dwells within us, we have that same power and can defeat old Satan still. I don’t believe that God’s Holy Spirit and Satan could dwell in the same house. The Word of God tells me that when I accepted Jesus as Lord of my life, His Holy Spirit came and dwelt within me. So with Christ within me, Satan could only tempt me, he is not permitted to reside there! Praise be to God for the power that He gives to us to live holy lives that are acceptable to the Master! This passage has reminded me of the power that is truly ours, because of the blood (death and sacrifice) of our Savior, and I sing that age old hymn, “

Author: Ed Algreen

One of God's kids expressing his understanding of God's Word and sharing how it is affecting his life! May those who read it be blessed, encouraged, and drawn closer to the Lord!

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