Show Others the Goodness of God

Scripture: 1 Peter 2.  

(What is God saying here?)

1 Peter 2:9 (NLT)
9 …… you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light.

(How Can I apply what God is saying here to my circumstances today?)

So often we are looking to someone else as our mentor or as our example. I wonder how often we examine ourselves, or care enough about our personal actions, because of the example we are setting for others. We recently went through an exercise in one of our midweek services at our church where we were given an opportunity to say how the person nearest to us may have had a positive influence on us. We all found something positive to share, but isn’t it unfortunate how seldom we take time to let that brother or sister know how their life is impacting us? Peter had just told his people how some had rejected Jesus, but that they were not to be like that because they were a people chosen by God ….. Friends, for those of us that know Jesus as our personal Savior, may I remind you that in and of our sinful selves, we would never have surrendered our lives to the Master. However, because of His love, His sacrifice and His prompting, we were able to look deep inside of self and acknowledge our sin and accept the love, goodness and salvation that only Jesus provides. Members of the royal family of the queen of England are looked at very closely by the press and the world, because they are expected to act like royalty. Peter reminds us in these verses that Christians are also royalty, because we have become sons and daughters of the King of all times, Jesus Christ. Let’s call on Jesus today for the help we need in acting like our royal example, Jesus. The press may not be watching us, but the world definitely is watching – some folk are looking for a mentor (a real example of Christ). Let’s not disappoint those folk today!

(With God’s help, what am I going to do differently today because He said it?)

Father, what an awesome privilege to know that I am the son of royalty today! However, with that in mind, I am also reminded of the awesome responsibility it is for us to act as Your representatives. Please touch my life today and be a constant reminder to me to stay focused on You and represent You in all sincerity, so that those that may follow my example will truly see Jesus in all that I do. Please use me as Your vessel that You can work through today to reach the lost/unsaved/uncommitted. Please speak to the hearts of those that may read this and would like to make a commitment to accept You as Lord and join our royal family!


**Words underlined may be a hyperlink to a song that God laid on my heart while sharing this devotional this morning. Click it and be blessed by the song, like I was when I listened to it! …… I would be overjoyed to have the opportunity to pray with you about a need in your life that may, or may not have been highlighted by this Nugget today. Why not drop me a note and tell me about it? You may email me at:

Author: Ed Algreen

One of God's kids expressing his understanding of God's Word and sharing how it is affecting his life! May those who read it be blessed, encouraged, and drawn closer to the Lord!

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