Scripture: Exodus 3.  

(Key verses)

Exodus 3:9-10 (NLT)

9 Look! The cry of the people of Israel has reached me, and I have seen how harshly the Egyptians abuse them.

10 Now go, for I am sending you to Pharaoh. You must lead my people Israel out of Egypt.”

(How Can I apply what God is saying here to my life today?)

Much has been said about the encounter between Moses and God through the burning bush, including movies that tried to reenact the miraculous story. So we may question how this may be applied to our lives today. Friends, we live in a world that is far from righteous, far from God, and God is calling out to us (Christians), to lead His people out of the slavery of sin, to show them the way of the Lord, to introduce them to our Savior. Many of us will respond like Moses did in verse 11, with many excuses, but God is looking for those that will take off our cloak of pride and make-believe, much like Moses was told to take off his sandals, so that we may recognize from whom we will receive the power to accomplish the work of the Lord. The Scripture tells us further over that the people will not know unless they are told about Jesus. Our commission is to tell

(What I will ask of God, in order for me to properly apply His Word to my life)

Father, please speak to me and Your people at large today, and help us to catch a glimpse of the urgency of the hour. Please prompt us in Your own way about the urgency of sharing our witness with others, and to challenge them to change from their life of sin to a committed, joyous life in the center of Your will. Please inspire us with the power to tell of Your love and Your mercy and Your grace.


**Words underlined may be a hyperlink to a song that God laid on my heart while sharing this devotional this morning. Click it and be blessed by the song, like I was when I listened to it! …… I would be overjoyed to have the opportunity to pray with you about a need in your life that may, or may not have been highlighted by this Nugget today. Why not drop me a note and tell me about it? You may email me at:

Author: Ed Algreen

One of God's kids expressing his understanding of God's Word and sharing how it is affecting his life! May those who read it be blessed, encouraged, and drawn closer to the Lord!

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