Be Holy as God is Holy

Scripture: Leviticus 11.  

(Key verses)

Leviticus 11:44-45 (NLT)

44 For I am the LORD your God. You must consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am holy. So do not defile yourselves with any of these small animals that scurry along the ground.

45 For I, the LORD, am the one who brought you up from the land of Egypt, that I might be your God. Therefore, you must be holy because I am holy.

(How Can I apply what God is saying here to my life today?)

This command by God was given to His people as He was about to turn them loose to their freedom in the Promised Land, but I believe that His desire to see us as His holy people desiring to follow our Holy God is just as applicable to us today. We are His chosen people and since we have committed to follow Him for the rest of our lives and to be like Him every day, then God expects nothing less from us. How is it with you friend? At the end of each day, do you suppose there is anything that may have disappointed God in your words or actions that day? If it is, then I believe that we are expected to seek forgiveness from God and ask for His strength and guidance to be a better representative of His the next day.

(What I will ask of God, in order for me to properly apply His Word to my life)

Lord Jesus, I am ashamed to say that I often fail in being an image of You each day. Like the people of Israel, there are many distractions that tend to lead me on a path that may not always make You proud of me. Please forgive me, and please open my eyes, empower me, guide me and give me boldness of heart to follow You in all that I do or say. Like a popular song of today proclaims “Lord, I want to be just like You“.


**Words underlined may be a hyperlink to a song that God laid on my heart while sharing this devotional this morning. Click it and be blessed by the song, like I was when I listened to it! …… I would be overjoyed to have the opportunity to pray with you about a need in your life that may, or may not have been highlighted by this Nugget today. Why not drop me a note and tell me about it? You may email me at:

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