Others Are Watching You!

Scripture: Mark 3.  

(Key verses)

Mark 3:1-2 (NLT)

1 Jesus went into the synagogue again and noticed a man with a deformed hand.

2 Since it was the Sabbath, Jesus’ enemies watched him closely. If he healed the man’s hand, they planned to accuse him of working on the Sabbath.

(How Can I apply what God is saying here to my life today?)

Jesus did nothing but good, yet there were folk that hated and despised Him. In the above verses we are seeing the results of Jesus exposing the sin of the Pharisees, for He had exposed their bad attitudes. I believe that people are no different today. In fact, I believe the proof is evident in the number of different denominations and cults that we see around today. Somewhere along the way, someone interpreted the Gospel in a way that stepped on someone’s toes, so they started another church or denomination or cult. Friends I want to remind you that the Word of God is offensive to the sinner, because their sin is exposed and they are individually challenged to make a decision about whether they will go on sinning, seek forgiveness of their sin, or attend a gathering where others feel the way they do about the subject. I would challenge believers to think of this, that if you live your life in a way pleasing to this world, you are probably not following God’s commands. If you live/teach/preach the unadulterated Word of God, and if God is not already challenging a person about their spiritual condition, then what you have to say will hit some very sensitive nerves, as the individual is being told that they may not be perfect in every way. Friends, if we haven’t been a challenge to anyone lately, then we are probably going with the flow and living like the world. Let me challenge us to draw near to God; Allow Him to draw close to us; Be obedient to God and His precious Word; Watch God boldly work on His children, and be prepared to pray earnestly for those who surrender to the call of Christ so that they may be obedient in following His commands unconditionally.

(What I will ask of God, in order for me to properly apply His Word to my life)

Lord Jesus, I’m sorry that way too often we want to be accepted, so we give in to the ways, concepts and will of the world, rather than placing our total faith and trust in You. Many times this could make the difference of where someone will spend eternity, so I realize where the importance of doing this ‘life’ thing right, could have unbelievable effects on ourselves and those that we have influence over. Please mold me daily so that I may be pliable and usable by You in every way dear Lord. Thank You for providing a ‘way’ for us. In Jesus’ wonderful Name I humbly ask, Amen!


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