God Gets Our Attention!

God’s Word
Acts 10:16-20 (MSG)

16  This happened three times, and then the blanket was pulled back up into the skies.

17–20  As Peter, puzzled, sat there trying to figure out what it all meant, the men sent by Cornelius showed up at Simon’s front door. They called in, asking if there was a Simon, also called Peter, staying there. Peter, lost in thought, didn’t hear them, so the Spirit whispered to him, “Three men are knocking at the door looking for you. Get down there and go with them. Don’t ask any questions. I sent them to get you.”

My Thoughts:

God spoke to Peter three times about not calling, or considering anything that He created unclean. Because of what ensued after this encounter, I believe that the emphasis here is that God got Peter’s attention. Because as you will read in vs 17 and onward, God continued to deal in Peter’s life about certain prejudices or misgivings that Peter had. First it was the food, then it was the matter of him (a Jew) mixing with the Gentiles. I sincerely pray that God will work in my life to help me identify those things that I have developed a prejudice against, and then accept His help in dealing with those things.

Challenge to My Friends Meditating on this Devotional:

How is it with you friend? I wouldn’t be surprised if you aren’t in the same position that I find myself. Over time we have developed certain beliefs and practices according to society, according to our peers in the ministry, according to those things that make us comfortable. God has shown us through His Word that He loves the whole world, and that He loved each and every one so much that He was willing to sacrifice His one and only Son so that we may have forgiveness of our sin, and be assured of our eternal home in heaven with Him (John 3:16). With this being so clear in the Bible, I am in no way qualified to subtract from that, or leave a certain faction of people out of my ministry or witnessing or loving or caring. God has called us to be HIS witness, not our own, not with conditions, and definitely not with exclusions.

My Prayer:

Father, I surrender all of me to all of You. Please use me for Your glory to reach all Your people. Please touch the hearts of my friends who may be in a similar position as I am. May we together become Your church, Your bride, reaching all people in all parts of this earth, especially those in our neighborhoods that we have practically given up on. Thank You for loving us enough to trust us with such awesome responsibility and privilege as this! For it is in Your precious, holy and powerful name that I ask this!

Author: Ed Algreen

One of God's kids expressing his understanding of God's Word and sharing how it is affecting his life! May those who read it be blessed, encouraged, and drawn closer to the Lord!

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