No Favoritism With God

God’s Word

Acts 10:34–35 (Good News Bible)

Peter began to speak: “I now realize that it is true that God treats everyone on the same basis. Those who worship him and do what is right are acceptable to him, no matter what race they belong to.

My Thoughts:

Peter was basically confirming in verse 34 that the whole idea of God not ever showing favoritism to any particular race or sect, was just proven to him as he had just met with Cornelius (a Gentile) who truly was a man of God. I believe that way too often Satan whispers in the hearts and minds of the unsaved that God would never love them – perhaps because of their race ( if he knows that they struggle with prejudices); or perhaps because of their nationality ( if he knows that the individual has an inferiority complex because of their nationality); or perhaps because of their financial standing, because unfortunately we spend a lot of money to impress God with our large church buildings and/or make ourselves very comfortable while at church, but it could very easily give a lost person the impression that a particular church is way out of their league, and they would never be accepted socially in that church.

Our Challenge:

Friends, all of these earthly things that we do to supposedly enhance the kingdom of God and help us better minister for His glory, could actually stand in the way or hinder the sinner’s decision to seek and accept Christ. Peter had it proven to him that God shows no favoritism. We need to closely examine ourselves and our churches to make sure that there is nothing we are doing, saying or practicing that would keep a sinner from entering into our space of ministry opportunity, whether it is our personal space, or that of our churches. Important Questions: Can a sinner walk away from our presence, or from our churches, feeling reassured that God is not a God of favoritism, and that they too are accepted and loved by God because of how they were treated while with us? Cornelius acted in a way that proved this to Peter. Will you join me in seeking God’s help so that we can be this kind of witness also?


Father, I am ashamed at being reminded of things that I might do, or say, or be a part of, that may be a stumbling block to the sinner friend that You are working on. Please open my eyes to these things and give me wisdom to correct my decisions, my words and my actions. Please tender the hearts of my fellow believers who may meditate on this devotional today to do the same, for we need more men and women like Cornelius in our world today. Thank You Lord Jesus for hearing my prayer, for I ask this in Your powerful and mighty name! Amen.

Author: Ed Algreen

One of God's kids expressing his understanding of God's Word and sharing how it is affecting his life! May those who read it be blessed, encouraged, and drawn closer to the Lord!

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