Starting off a journey the right way!

God’s Word Says…

Ezra 8:21ā€“23 (GNB)

21 There by the Ahava Canal I gave orders for us all to fast and humble ourselves before our God and to ask him to lead us on our journey and protect us and our children and all our possessions. 22I would have been ashamed to ask the emperor for a troop of cavalry to guard us from any enemies during our journey, because I had told him that our God blesses everyone who trusts him, but that he is displeased with and punishes anyone who turns away from him. 23So we fasted and prayed for God to protect us, and he answered our prayers.

My Thoughts:

God is so good! Here in this remote book of the Old Testament (Ezra) He has shown us the importance of making God an important part of our everyday decisions and activities. Ezra shared how ashamed he would have been to ask for help from the emperor (for a cavalry to guard his group as they travelled) knowing that he hadn’t done everything to protect the provision being asked for. So before he and his group began their journey, he gave an order for them all to fast and pray leadership by God and for protection of themselves, their children and their possessions. Does it not seem like today we tend to wait until we have exhausted all of our efforts, before we humble ourselves and pray?


Friends, we are being taught to make this our top priority before we make a step. I have a relative who practiced this every time she got into a vehicle! Will you join me in making this a priority each time we jump behind the wheel or board a flight or other means of transportation?


Father, I pray that You may infill me with Your divine presence and to not assume safety on any trip that I make, but to seek Your face and ask You to build a hedge of protection around me as I travel. I’m Yours, and I believe that You will protect Your own, especially when I humble myself and ask.

Author: Ed Algreen

One of God's kids expressing his understanding of God's Word and sharing how it is affecting his life! May those who read it be blessed, encouraged, and drawn closer to the Lord!

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