On Receiving the Correction and Punishment We Deserve

God’s Word Says….

Job 11:6-9 (GNT)

6 …. God is punishing you less than you deserve. 7 Can you discover the limits and bounds of the greatness and power of God? 8 The sky is no limit for God, but it lies beyond your reach. God knows the world of the dead, but you do not know it. 9 God’s greatness is broader than the earth, wider than the sea.

My Thoughts…..

Job was a man that God trusted enough that He allowed Satan to test him and try him to prove his faithfulness to the Lord. He had already gone through quite a bit dealing with Satan, and his closest friends were now trying to comfort him and offer strength to him to help him overcome the discouragement of feeling like God had abandoned him. Yet, Zophar is telling Job that God is still very merciful to him, and that he would really be in trouble if God had to allow everything on even him (Job) that he deserves. Wow, what a thought!


To the world, it may appear that we are pretty good folk. But how do you suppose we look to God? The One who knows every hair on our heads, and who knows even our inmost thoughts and desires even before we make them public, or perhaps never make them public. This is a frightening and mind-sobering thought friends. This tells me that we have no one to fool but ourselves. We cannot fool God! In spite of this challenging thought, further down in this chapter we are told how we should expect to see live correctly. In verses 13-15 we read: “You must give your whole heart to Him and hold out your hands to Him for help. Put away the sin that is in your hand; let no evil remain in your tent. Then you can lift up your face without shame, and you can stand strong without fear.” These are some power-packed verses friends, and I don’t know about you, but I have actually printed these out to pin up on my wall in front of my study area to remind me of what God expects from me. We must constantly be reminded that this Christian life is not just a one-time decision and then no worries about the relationship between God and us. This type attitude affects marriages, so imagine what it does to our relationship with God. Let’s follow the direction of verses 13-15 so that we can stand strong and without fear before our God.


Lord Jesus, thank You for Your mercy and Your grace. Even while we were still sinners, You went to the cross and sacrificed Your life just to provide eternal life for us. It is very hard for me to imagine that kind of love, yet I believe Your Word that You are that kind of loving God. Thank You! Through all the busyness of this life, may I plead with You to keep me focused on Your love and Your mercy. Would You kindly help me to daily put away the sin in my life and any evil that remains in my home, so that I may lift my face without shame, and stand strong in Your presence without fear? I very badly want this for my Christian brothers and sisters also, because I need that soldier by my side to be equally as strong as we face Satan and his ugly darts in our daily walk. Please keep us humble, but very honest before You. Please keep us pliable so that You can mold us and use us as You have need, in order to reach unsaved family, loved ones, neighbors, friends and coworkers. This all sounds like an enormous request, but I am asking this in the all powerfully name of my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, who can do all things! AMEN!


In response to God leading You through this devotional today, please get with a Bible teaching Pastor you may know and allow him to guide you. Otherwise feel free to reply to my post online, or you may email me directly at NuggetsFromGodsWord@outlook.com. I will gladly add you to my prayer list, and/or respond to your request(s) ASAP.

Author: Ed Algreen

One of God's kids expressing his understanding of God's Word and sharing how it is affecting his life! May those who read it be blessed, encouraged, and drawn closer to the Lord!

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