Live With The End In Mind!

God’s Word Says….

Acts 23:1 (NCV)

Paul looked at the council and said, “Brothers, I have lived my life without guilt feelings before God up to this day”.

My Thoughts…..

Sometimes we may feel like we could get away with saying something like Paul did in the above verse when we appeared before Ananias and the chief priests, but we may select our audience, because we know that our best friend, or spouse, or parent(s) may know us too well, so we would never be bold enough to say it in front of them, for fear of correction. Friends, let us never forget that God knows every little detail about our actions and even our thoughts, so we can’t fool Him. In our church service yesterday we meditated on a verse that offered a similar challenge: 1 John 2:28 “Yes, my children, remain in union with him, so that when he appears we may be full of courage and need not hide in shame from him on the Day he comes”. (GNT).


I believe that this helps me to understand that the more we feel that we can share the truth contained in our highlighted verse today with family and friends, the more comfortable we will feel when we stand before Jesus! In other words, I am reminded that my life actions are an open book to my Lord every day, so I had best seek His guidance daily and ask for strength and wisdom to always do His will, so that I may always live with the end in mind. Our goal is to be ‘little Christs’. Are you on target friend?


Lord Jesus, You are the creator and designer of this earth and all that is upon it. You have also created our future home – a place called Heaven, where we will live eternally with You. Lord, I praise You for watching out for us in such wonderful ways, thank You! I am reminded that our testing days are here on this earth where we are expected to live as You lived. While we go about our way living the ‘good life’, please help us to be ever mindful that we can’t fool You, for You know our every action and our thoughts, so You know what reaction we will have to certain events and the, sometimes, stupid stuff that we say. Please help us to be great examples of Yours, so that You may impact the hearts of those that we come into contact with, for Your glory and Your honor. Lord, may we be Your honorable servants, willing to follow Your commands and do Your will while here on this earth. There is coming a day when we will meet You face to face, Lord, may You proudly proclaim, “Well done good and faithful servant”. This is only possible through You oh Lord, so I ask this in Your precious name and for Your sake alone, AMEN!


In response to God leading You through this devotional today, please get with a Bible teaching Pastor you may know and allow him to guide you. Otherwise feel free to reply to my post online, or you may email me directly at I will gladly add you to my prayer list, and/or respond to your request(s) ASAP.

Author: Ed Algreen

One of God's kids expressing his understanding of God's Word and sharing how it is affecting his life! May those who read it be blessed, encouraged, and drawn closer to the Lord!

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