Delays Seem To Always Cost

God’s Word Says….

Acts 24:24-25 (GNT)

24 After some days Felix came with his wife Drusilla, who was Jewish. He sent for Paul and listened to him as he talked about faith in Christ Jesus. 25But as Paul went on discussing about goodness, self-control, and the coming Day of Judgment, Felix was afraid and said, “You may leave now. I will call you again when I get the chance.”


My Thoughts…..

When travelling to another state or country by plane or train, there is often the chance of delays, for one reason or another. If the fault is attributed to the airline, then they will often provide vouchers to the stranded passengers for food, and sometimes even for hotel, if the delay will prevent travelling the same day. Can you begin to imagine the costs paid by carriers for these delays? Now, meditate with me on what happened in your respective church services over the weekend. Hopefully the message of the Gospel was presented, and attendees were given the opportunity to surrender their lives to Jesus as their Lord and Savior. No doubt your church, like mine, saw folk leave without accepting the invitation of the pastor, and the Holy Spirit that tugged on their hearts of sin. They delayed their decision to act at that time for various reasons. The big question is, what might this delay have cost them? Perhaps they said like Felix did, “I will deal with this another time”. Will there be ‘another time’?



Friends, we must leave the last question without an answer, because we have no control over whether we will have another opportunity. Thankfully, I made it all the way home safely yesterday. Did everyone else? Perhaps they did, or perhaps they didn’t. God’s Word has very clear advice for us when it tells us that “now is the accepted time”, the only moment promised to us. Remember, at our borders all those arriving with proper authentication (passports and appropriate visas) are allowed in, others are rejected and expatriated back to their home country. This will be no different at the entrance to Heaven’s portals, only those who have personally accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior (that’s their passport and visa) will be accepted into God’s eternal home, others will be returned to their desired home with Satan and his band of demons. Please don’t delay, it could cost you eternal life with the Master of this universe. The creator, Savior and King, who loved you enough to die in order that you might receive forgiveness of your sin, when you ask Him. Your delay could cost you big time. Don’t even wait for the next service time, contact a pastor or Christian leader of a local church, or contact me so that I may help you, but PLEASE, don’t delay make a decision today.



Lord Jesus, many of us just attended church yesterday and here you are beating up on us again today through this illustration with Felix delaying his decision to hear more from Paul and then follow through in accepting You as Lord. Thank You for loving us enough to do this. Many fathers would just dismiss this as a bad choice by their children, and sometimes they may even disassociate themselves from their kids because of their bad decisions. I praise You for not giving up on me. Today I humbly plead that You melt the hearts of those that meditate on this devotional with me, so that given another opportunity, they may come to their senses and make this vital decision. As indicated above, I am so afraid of, and anxious about my friends not making a very costly mistake in delaying their decision. May today be the day of salvation for all who might meditate on this with me, is my humble and earnest prayer, and it is in Your most powerful name that I ask this, AMEN!


In response to God leading You through this devotional today, please get with a Bible teaching Pastor you may know and allow him to guide you. Otherwise feel free to reply to my post online, or you may email me directly at I will gladly add you to my prayer list, and/or respond to your request(s) ASAP.

Author: Ed Algreen

One of God's kids expressing his understanding of God's Word and sharing how it is affecting his life! May those who read it be blessed, encouraged, and drawn closer to the Lord!

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