The Joys and Applicability of Christmas!

To my awesome subscribers, followers and readers of this daily devotional, ‘Nuggets From God’s Word’:

May the anticipation that filled the hearts of Mary and Joseph as they learned of their involvement in Jesus’ birth, also fill your hearts today and throughout the coming year as you recognize, and agree to be used in the work of the Lord, just like Mary and Joseph did!

May you find an opportunity each and every day to rejoice, and praise God for His awesome mercy, and His choice in using even you to help in accomplishing His work, just as Mary did when she visited Elizabeth after finding that she was an instrument in God’s hand!

May you be willing and quick to obey the call on your life, and willing to go wherever instructed to go, just as the shepherds welcomed the announcement of the angels and then immediately left their posts and went on to Bethlehem to find baby Jesus to personally worship and welcome Him!

May you be reminded of the reason Jesus came, and be willing to follow His example in also being a carrier of the Good News of Jesus Christ to all those in need of a Savior! For Jesus will return again, this time to take His children home to glory with He and His Father! You will want to be ready for that day, and that could be today friend, but you will also want to ensure that all those in your realm of influence are also ready to meet Him on that day! Your involvement in their life and your reflection of Jesus Christ will either help them agree to accept Jesus, or if you are not careful to honestly live the life that you preach, you might totally confuse them and be a stumbling block for them. Seek Jesus as your Savior and allow Him to live in and through every aspect of your life, friend! Others’ lives might be depending on that!

Based on the Word of God, I believe I can safely assure you that Jesus loves you for who you are and just where you are in life right now. Trust in Him, friend, and allow Him to care for your every need! As a representative, or messenger of God, let me assure you that I love you also. Feel free to email me, and allow me to pray with you as we meditate on God’s Word through these devotionals every day, wont you?

Author: Ed Algreen

One of God's kids expressing his understanding of God's Word and sharing how it is affecting his life! May those who read it be blessed, encouraged, and drawn closer to the Lord!

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