The Spirit of Our Father Speaks Through Us

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Saturday, 2017-01-28


Matthew 10:18–20 (NLT)


18 You will stand trial before governors and kings because you are my followers. But this will be your opportunity to tell the rulers and other unbelievers about me. 19 When you are arrested, don’t worry about how to respond or what to say. God will give you the right words at the right time. 20 For it is not you who will be speaking—it will be the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.
It seems like Jesus faced His chosen men – His disciples, who realized that they were called to go out and share the love of Jesus with those that they came into contact with, even to kings and rulers. Now imagine for a moment that the only times you may have seen some of these men would have been along the seashore as they sold their fish, or chatted with their fellow fishermen. These guys were some who would now go out and preach the gospel! But I believe it is also important to note that the same Jesus who gained their confidence to drop their nets, leave their boats, and follow Him, is the same Jesus now comforting them that everything will be OK, and that they WILL have the words to speak when it becomes necessary. Wow, what a thought to imagine!
Some of you reading this devotional today may have been challenged by a pastor or evangelist to surrender your heart to the Lord. This may have followed with an invitation to meet with a small group of believers to study the Word of God and pray, and this may have been a chore that you almost got sick over, because you had been used to staying in your little corner and could never imagine trying to find words to say in front of saints of God, as these type words are just not in your vocabulary. However, you were also approached by members of the group and made to feel at ease joining them. Before too long, you are invited to join with your small group to meet in a public square where there would be government officials present. The rest of the group is excited that the newcomer may have an opportunity to share Jesus with the Mayor, or possible even a Senator or two, or even the Governor. Are you feeling a little nervous yet about the possible encounters you may face? Can you think of all the things you might share with them about your newest, very best friend, Jesus? However, the leader of the small group has encouraging words for you: “Just as Jesus gave confidence to His disciples to go, in His name, and His Holy Spirit will fill them with the words to speak to the rulers and other unbelievers, He will also do the same for you”. I believe you will acknowledge that this requires a bit of faith to grasp hold of, and depend on this, when personally faced with the dilemma yourself, right? Friends, as children of God, we are called on each and every day to do the same thing, for we never know when we will be faced with an opportunity to share a witness for our Lord. It may very well be in the presence of a public figure, or it may be with that family member or coworker who is always outspoken about their dislike of Christians or the nonexistence of a holy God. Furthermore, over in the New Testament we are also encouraged to always be prepared to share the hope that lives inside of us. Friends, may I encourage you to remember that the same Lord who heals a broken heart, or mends a broken limb, or encourages a couple looking at divorce, is the same Lord whose Holy Spirit came to dwell inside of us at our conversion. Therefore have faith that He could also guide us through every situation of life, including words to say so that God might be best represented. Let’s learn to trust Him for who He is, and for all that He has promised. He can, and will accomplish a great work through even us, as we willingly open up our lives to Him for His glory.
Father, please give us daily strength to never doubt Your Holy Spirit, whom You sent to live inside of us. We have no words to share with unbelievers that would make a difference in their lives, but You have the words of eternal life. So I ask that You might use us to speak to unbelievers of every walk of life and at every level of society, regardless of where we might place them in our minds. Please help us to never be intimated by the status placed upon those we will meet, for we all need the love of Jesus in our hearts. Please help us to never attempt to do this life alone, for You have promised to always be with us and to guide our every step. Into Your hands I commit myself again today. Lord, I pray that my readers will do the same so that Your work may not be hindered in any way today. AMEN!
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