Daily Devotions from The Word Of God… From the heart of Ed Algreen

There is a God Who Can!

SCRIPTURE  FROM:   Daniel 2:18-19; 27-28 (TLB)

TEXT:  18 They asked the God of heaven to show them his mercy by telling them the secret, so they would not die with the others. 19 And that night in a vision God told Daniel what the king had dreamed. Then Daniel praised the God of heaven…..
27 Daniel replied, “No wise man, astrologer, magician, or wizard can tell the king such things, 28 but there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets, and he has told you in your dream what will happen in the future. This was your dream…

OBSERVATION:   Seeking God first in all things, will especially encourage us to seek God in the times that we have no idea which way to turn next, or how to respond to a situation that is totally impossible in the eyes of mankind. This is exactly the situation with Daniel and his companions were in. They had already proven the power of God in their lives, and knew that they could seek His power in the problem at hand – identifying the King’s dream, and interpreting its meaning, but they sought God’s power anyway. Let’s look for life lessons in this as we meditate on the Word of God today!

APPLICATION:   While browsing through a store yesterday, I saw a book entitled ‘Answers to 50 dreams’. I don’t know about you, but I would not pay very much for a book like that, because I have no faith in man’s ability to give meaning to my dreams. If you read closely, king Nebuchadnezzar not only wanted the meaning of his dream, but he felt compelled to also ask for the wise person to also tell him what his actual dream was. Think about it, this was a bold and wise move by the king, for if someone had the power for one, they would also would have had power for the other! In Daniel 1:17 we are told that God gave Daniel the special ability to interpret dreams. However, nowhere in the Scripture do I see where Daniel went around bragging about this unique skill. In fact, I believe from our focal verses above, it is quite evident that Daniel had not taken this skill as something God gave to him so that he could independently gain praise from it, or to boast about it. This is evident because Daniel and his companions seriously sought the face of God over this demand from the king. One thing that I was totally blown away with, was the fact that Daniel received the answer and didn’t follow what most of us would probably have done – burst out of the door and head to the palace. Instead, Daniel and his friends took time to thank and praise God for His goodness and His mercy on them by giving them the dream and the interpretation. How often do we forget this little piece of important protocol – give thanks when given something that you ask for. The other neat nugget that God also drew to my attention, is that there was no doubt or bragging when Daniel went to the king’s chief executioner. He pretty much asked Arioch to let the king know that he (Daniel) was ready with the answer whenever he (the king) was ready for him. Please notice the confidence displayed in the power of the Almighty God that was revealed to Daniel! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! However, there is another really heart-warming piece in this story: when asked if Daniel was ready, he covered for the others who had stood before the king, by telling him that they were exactly right in their response, however the difference is that he (Daniel) knew a God who could do exactly what the king ordered. I would beg for this type of confidence, for I’m sure that I would have said something like ‘I’m pretty sure that I have the answer for you from my God’ or ‘I have every confidence in the one true and all-powerful God, and I believe that He will direct my words to you today’. I would love to have the faith and boldness to say like Daniel: ‘I know the one true God who can do what seems impossible to man, for He created mankind, and He not only knows the number of hairs on our head, but He also knows our thoughts and our dreams, and because He saw fit to share that through me, and here it is…..’ Friends, what if we prayed in earnest about all of our hospital visits, bedside prayers for the sick, pre-surgery prayers with loved ones, or prayers with suicidal friends? Could we say with more confidence that our God, who: gave Daniel answers to the king’s dreams; parted the Red Sea, raised Lazarus from the dead; opened blinded eyes; and healed the lame – that this is the same God that we pray to, and in whom we have confidence that He could also answer our minor issues? It is evident friends, that we serve the One and Only God who can do all things – for His glory! Will you trust Him wholeheartedly today?

PRAYER:   We serve the only God who can do all things, yet we are still down and out when things don’t go our way. Lord, please forgive us for our ungratefulness. We have the ‘best of the best’, yet we complain. Lord, You’ve shown us how Your power and wisdom worked in the life of Daniel today. Please help us to draw closer to You than ever before, so that we may be touched by that same power and given that same wisdom that You showered on Daniel and his companions. May we always step aside and allow Your work to be accomplished, all for Your glory, and if You choose to use us in Your mighty works, may we be eternally grateful and enriched for Your further work. In all things, be glorified through me today oh Lord, AMEN!

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