What Might Be The Limits of your Testing?

Tuesday, 2019-01-22

Bible Reference: Genesis 22:1-3; 12
Translation: Living Bible (TLB)

Bible Text: 1 Later on, God tested Abraham’s faith and obedience.[a]“Abraham!” God called. “Yes, Lord?” he replied. “Take with you your only son—yes, Isaac whom you love so much—and go to the land of Moriah and sacrifice him there as a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I’ll point out to you!” The next morning Abraham got up early, chopped wood for a fire upon the altar, saddled his donkey, and took with him his son Isaac and two young men who were his servants, and started off to the place where God had told him to go……. 12 “Lay down the knife; don’t hurt the lad in any way,” the Angel said, “for I know that God is first in your life—you have not withheld even your beloved son from me.”

OBSERVATION: ‘I believe that I’ve been tested to my ultimate limit’. Was that something you’ve said, or at least felt before? Don’t we tend to feel like we have achieved our limit in trials and challenges at times? How often have you credited those challenges to God getting your attention? Let’s meditate on this idea of ‘testing’ today and consider how prepared we are to deal with the testing God may send our way when He is trying to get our attention.

APPLICATION: I believe that I can easily look to God and say, “Lord, did You show me this Scripture today to help me ponder how far I could be pushed before I cave in on being obedient to You?”. In sharing my thoughts with those that may faithfully meditate on this devotional, I believe that God is also asking you to consider whether you are prepared to be another Abraham, especially in obedience to the voice of God. When you consider what might be the ultimate test of all time, put yourself in the place of Abraham for just a few moments today. Let’s assume that God vividly spoke to you and challenged you to consider surrendering to Him the very thing, or person, nearest to you. Do you feel like you could do like Abraham? God said it, and he did it. But look at what God asked of him – to take his son to the mountain and sacrifice him. I wonder what our response would be to such a command? Abraham took no time to look for excuses or to tell God why that would be an impossible task to follow, but instead made preparation for the journey and obediently followed every detail. Friends, for Abraham it was something very near and dear to him that God tested him with. I wonder what He might find to be testing ground for us? Is there anything you hold near and dear that might result in the ultimate test from God, if you were asked to sacrifice it? As you evaluate self, is there anything, or anyone, that is more important than God? The quick, expected response is ‘of course not’, but let me encourage you, as I stop to consider this myself, to look deep inside and answer this question knowing that God already knows the answer, and I believe He would love for us to honestly and openly answer that question for ourselves. We were so important to God that He sacrificed His only Son so that we might have life eternally with He and His Father. How important is God to you, my friend?

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, what a blessed people we are! Born into a world, where the Savior of the world is available to us as our saving grace from sin and the pitfalls of Satan, yet we are given the choice to have it our way, or surrender to the call and love of our Savior. There is no hope in anything this world has to offer, so please touch the hearts of those that are willing to stop and listen oh Lord. Please draw them to Yourself, and tender their hearts to the love and sacrifice made for them on Calvary. Lord, may we be prepared for the tests that You may send our way from time to time. May our hearts be so filled with You, and our commitment so sure in whom we believe, so that our choice will be untouched by things of this world. To God be all the glory for all things we are blessed with each day! AMEN!

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