No Not One

Wednesday, 2019-02-13

Bible Reference: Psalm 14:2-3
Translation: The Passion Translation (TPT)

Bible Text:  The Lord looks down in love, bending over heaven’s balcony, looking over all of Adam’s sons and daughters. He’s looking to see if there is anyone who acts wisely, any who are searching for God and wanting to please him. But no, everyone has wandered astray, walking stubbornly toward evil. Not one is good; he can’t even find one.

OBSERVATION: Created by a holy God, who demonstrated His love for us, even while we were steeped in sin and disregard of our Master; yet in spite of all that, can you imagine all that God sees when He looks down on His children – is it the unselfish desire to serve, the sacrificial love shown towards others, and persistent love and appreciation shown towards the Creator of this universe? Or is that really the ‘norm’ and the common theme that God sees? With sober and honest hearts, let us meditate on this Scripture today.

APPLICATION:  We hear it all the time, that our children looks like us, or they speak like us, or they act like us! That’s quite amazing at times, but very humbling and possibly even embarrassing at times, because then we realize that we have not been successful in hiding our attitude, or our closed minds to certain things, or the words that we spoke in private were indeed overheard by others! But let’s stop to ponder over what we are challenged with in our Scripture today. Imagine God, who created the universe, created you and I and placed us in His lush garden to enjoy all that He handcrafted just for us, yet we complain daily about our lack of food or provision. Imagine God, who gave us minds to think independently and make personal choices, yet to look on His children choosing to ignore Him and follow the ways of the evil one. Imagine God, who taught us to love one another, demonstrated His love in multiple ways, yet we show hatred towards one another and devise plots against each other – a total opposite to what we were taught. Imagine God, who gave us everything on earth for our food, our enjoyment and for our edification, yet He sees us storing up gifts that He blessed us with, and feeling content to see others go hungry, not ministered to, unloved, and feeling totally destitute. Friends, is there any wonder that verse 3 tells us that God looks down on us and sees that everyone has gone astray, everyone’s walking towards evil, no one is good, no one is holy, NO NOT ONE. Oh how this must break the heart of our God, our maker and our soon coming King. What’s your excuse today dear friend? Is it a priority in your life to obey God in ALL things? Is it a priority to love God and love others, because of the ways that He first demonstrated His love for you? This whole Christian life is unimportant to you if you have not made it a priority to seek God and His righteousness and follow Him in ALL your ways! That’s something only you and God can settle. I pray that Jesus will not return and find no one ready, for my desire is to know Him personally and live my life in line with His will, and obedient to His commands, so help me God. Would you join me in that commitment my friend?

PRAYER: I love that old hymn ‘Just A Closer Walk with Thee’, for that declares the words of my heart dear Lord. I am reminded in the Scripture today that I fail a lot more often in obediently following You, than I do at anything else that I attempt to do. Oh Lord, please forgive me for my weakness in my faith, and my disobedience to Your will and way. As my readers and I evaluate our position with You today, please open our eyes of honesty wide, so that we will not just say with our lips, but demonstrate throughout every aspect of our lives, that we are children of the King – as evidenced in the things we say, our actions, and our love and respect demonstrated in our very aspect of our existence here on earth. May You be glorified today in us, and because of us, oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. AMEN!

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