With Faith, All things are Possible

Wednesday, 2019-03-06

Bible Reference: Matthew 21:20-22
Translation: Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Bible Text: 20 The disciples were shocked when they saw how quickly the tree had dried up. 21 But Jesus said to them, “If you have faith and don’t doubt, I promise that you can do what I did to this tree. And you will be able to do even more. You can tell this mountain to get up and jump into the sea, and it will. 22 If you have faith when you pray, you will be given whatever you ask for.”

OBSERVATION: We still use a lot of the same language, that Jesus used, in some of our business logic today – if….then…. This was used multiple times in these verses today, because Jesus emphasized that while our dependence on Him is vital, things are only accomplished because of our faith in Him. So let’s meditate on this subject for a while today.

APPLICATION: If you have faith, you will sit in the worse looking chair, believing that the legs and seat will hold you up. If you have faith in your car’s gas gauge, you will travel across the desert knowing that no gas station exist for miles and miles, but confident that you could make it across. Because Peter had faith, he got out of the boat and walked on water at Jesus’ command. In our Scripture today, Jesus told His disciples, and I believe He is telling you and I, that if we have faith in the power of the Almighty God, and we believe that He alone is God, with power and might to do all things, then we too can say to a mountain, or to a serious illness that exists in our life, to move aside so that I could finish the work of my Father. Friends, we are so accustomed to having our own way, that this kind of power could easily be misused, so I believe that we must take time to evaluate the individual that this might pertain to. For you see, the disciples, even though none were perfect, yet they left everything behind them to follow Jesus. They endured the mockery of being a follower of Christ, just as Jesus himself endured, yet because they had gained insight into the heart of Christ, and His awesome power, grace and love, they wanted to be just like Him, and I believe they longed to represent Him even to the extent of performing the miracles that He did. I believe it is so important for us today to seek God’s will into what must be changed in our lives so that we might look like Him, sound like Him, act like Him, and to be His hands and feet in our homes, in our job places, in our churches and everywhere we find ourselves. Can’t you see that until this happens, we would make a mockery of God if He allowed us to represent Him in performing miracles? Jesus challenged us in our Scripture today to have faith, for He said that if we do, then we can do miraculous things, and we will be more fruitful in our prayer lives. So the challenge presented to us today is: How’s you faith? Have you attained perfect, and immovable faith yet? I believe that as we gain a closer walk with God, and devote ourselves wholeheartedly to His perfect will for our lives, then perhaps our faith might be strengthened to believe in Him more perfectly, and our faith enhanced to do the things of the Lord, knowing that in Him, we can do ALL things!

PRAYER: Precious Lord, You alone are all powerful, and worthy of our praise in every aspect of life. Please work in miraculous ways today, so that our faith may mature to a state that we will pray believing that You will do whatever we ask. Yes, I understand that can be a dangerous wish if our hearts are not totally synchronized with Your heart, for until that is true, we will ask arie. Please touch the hearts of all those who will read this devotional today Lord, for I would ask nothing more than to know that hearts are being blessed and drawn closer to You, because of my meager efforts with this blog. It’s all because of You Lord. Please have Your perfect way, and be glorified in my life, and in the hearts of all those who will read this devotional. AMEN!

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