Things That Cause Us To Deny Christ

Many will read the theme/subject and immediately answer ‘Nothing, of course’. However, in our Scripture today Jesus actually told Peter and his fellow disciples that they would deny Him. These guys had some very intimate and powerful times with Jesus, and still, under pressure, they denied Him. I wonder what would cause us to deny Jesus?

Friday, 2019-03-28

Bible Reference: Matthew 26:33-35
Translation: The Passion Translation (TPT)

Bible Text: ^33 Then Peter spoke up and said, “Even if all the rest lose their faith and fall away, I will still be beside you, Jesus!”34 “Are you sure, Peter?” Jesus said. “In fact, before the rooster crows a few hours from now, you will have denied me three times.”35 Peter replied, “I absolutely will never deny you, even if I have to die with you!” And all the others said the same thing.

OBSERVATION: Many will read the theme/subject and immediately answer ‘Nothing, of course’. However, in our Scripture today Jesus actually told Peter and his fellow disciples that they would deny Him. These guys had some very intimate and powerful times with Jesus, and still, under pressure, they denied Him. I wonder what would cause us to deny Jesus?

APPLICATION: Standing before Jesus, Peter was sure that he would never lose his faith in him, nor turn his back on Him. In fact, Peter was convinced that he would always be true to his Master. Now, imagine us standing within the 4 walls of our respective churches. It may have been an exciting service, where we may have heard testimonies of the active, healing power of God in a son’s life, or the saving grace of that daughter that never wanted anything to do with God. The singing led by the praise team may have been heart warming and really served to draw you close to the Savior. You are on ‘cloud nine’ spiritually, and there is nothing that you wouldn’t consider doing ,or saying, in the name of your personal, relational Savior and Lord. Then the moment of truth arrives, you walk outside the doors of the church and into a world that is torn apart by the advisory. Some might tease, or mock, you for attending church, instead of joining them at the baseball game. Some might try to help you understand why your financial resources are limited, seeing that you give so much towards the expenses of your already flourishing church. Some might get in your face about the number of times last week that you chose to attend yet another church service, instead of joining your ‘real’ friends at the pub. Knowing how real most of these circumstance are, do you suppose that’s why we often keep our mouths shut about the exciting church service we attended, or the sweet answers to prayer that blessed our souls, or the sweet personal relationship that we have with the Creator of this universe? Do you suppose these types of intimidation might contribute to the lack of sharing with our friends, or the bragging about the relational highs that we encountered with our Lord? But what would you say to God when He tells you that because of missed opportunities, those friends of yours went to Hell, because no one cared enough to tell them of a better place, or a loyal and faithful Friend who loved them enough to die a cruel death – for the sake of their salvation? What would you say to the spouse or child of that friend who was just murdered at one of his drinking parties by someone he thought was a good friend? After all, you had the keys to a better life. You had experienced the Master, and His awesome love, that reaches beyond all earthly boundaries that we seem to find ourselves entrapped by, yet you never shared that with your friend. Child of God, let me encourage you today to make the most of every possible moment you have, to share the love of Christ with those that you encounter. It doesn’t matter if you’re at school, at work, in the grocery store or at home. If you know Jesus, and you have experienced the love of Christ, and are being blessed by the joy of your salvation, then ask God to help you share that with the one that He appoints for you to meet with today. It may be their last opportunity to learn about God from a real friend who cares about them. And it may be your last opportunity to share with them before they are snatched away from this earth. With Jesus as their Savior, their eternal destination would be secured in heaven. Without Jesus, they are destined for the pit of Hell where Satan will be their eternal destroyer with endless sadness, pain, hatred, and unending damnation. You and I could make a difference in their lives today, God being our helper.

PRAYER: Just as You sent a messenger of hope to help lead us to You oh Lord, I pray that today You will point out those that we need to encourage; those that need to see the love of Jesus in and through our lives; those who need to know that Jesus died for them also, and those who are entrenched in sin. Lord, I am convinced that they need Jesus. Oh that they would surrender their lives to be cleansed and accepted by the Holy and precious Son of God. Father, we have no assurance of tomorrow here on this earth, so please work a miracle in lives today, so that others may actually see Jesus in our words and actions, and that their hearts my feel the desperation of needing to surrender their lives to You. May Your will be done today oh Lord, and if You can use us to help facilitate evidence of that to our friends and coworkers, we would be eternally grateful. AMEN!

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Author: Ed Algreen

One of God's kids expressing his understanding of God's Word and sharing how it is affecting his life! May those who read it be blessed, encouraged, and drawn closer to the Lord!

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