Surrendering Our Whole Life in Prayer

Saturday, 2019-06-29

Bible Reference: Psalm 41:4
Translation: The Passion Translation (TPT)

Bible Text: So in my sickness I say to you,
“Lord, be my kind healer.
Heal my body and soul; heal me, God!
For I have confessed my sins to you.”

OBSERVATION: How often do we stop to consider in praying to God, that He knows all about our whole body, our soul and our everyday life? As we meditate today, let us think about how it must sound to God when we (albeit unintentionally) come before Him pleading for a specific need, but ignoring the other aspects of our relationship with Him. Are we trying to sweep those other things under the rug, hoping that God will overlook them and just meet the need that concerns us at that very moment?

APPLICATION: David, a man after God’s own heart, wanted to make sure that God healed him from the inside out, not just the illness that was at hand – the urgent need. Perhaps we are so used to speaking with our doctors and giving them just the information we feel they need to know, because we know they are often in a rush to listen quickly, diagnose, prescribe, and exit the room! Do you suppose that we go to God with that same mentality? I would be willing to suggest that we have gotten ourselves into trouble from self-diagnosing our own medical issues, and from sharing with our doctors only what we feel they need to know. But I don’t believe this differs a lot from what we do in communion with our Savior. He knows all about our ugly attitudes at work, about our missed opportunities to share Christ with a coworker, and the evil things that we pondered that day, yet we go before Him each evening, thanking Him for a good day, and asking for a safe, good night’s rest. Also, there are times that we may have had a very similar day of temptation and trials, yet we snap into a prayer to God and ask for relief from our painful back, but never think to ask Him for a purified mind in which we might allow the Holy Spirit to have the liberty of miraculously moving us towards a friend who needs the Lord. Friends, I pray that we might take note of the prayer from David and develop a similar practice of conversing/praying about the whole person – our entire life’s challenges, and not just our aches and pains. I believe God wants to use us for His awesome kingdom work, but I also believe that He wants us pure, holy, available and willing to represent Him under His terms and not for our own selfish gain. God will reveal His purpose to us, when He sees that we are serious in our relationship with Him.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, thank You for accepting us as Your children and for using even us to be a witness for You. Please deal in our hearts so that we may be so much like You that others will feel the love of Christ, see the works of Your hand, and witness what it means to be forgiven by the Maker of heaven and earth, our almighty God. Oh that You may be glorified in all things because of our willingness to allow You to work in our whole life. Please speak to those who will read this devotional but have not allowed You full reign of their lives. May this be a day of reconciliation for them, I pray. AMEN!

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