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When Not Fully Informed

Friday, 2019-07-12

Bible Reference: Luke 7:44-47
Translation: The Passion Translation (TPT)

Bible Text: 44 …“Don’t you see this woman kneeling here? She is doing for me what you didn’t bother to do. When I entered your home as your guest, you didn’t think about offering me water to wash the dust off my feet. Yet she came into your home and washed my feet with her many tears and then dried my feet with her hair. 45 You didn’t even welcome me into your home with the customary kiss of greeting, but from the moment I came in she has not stopped kissing my feet. 46 You didn’t take the time to anoint my head with fragrant oil, but she anointed my head and feet with the finest perfume. 47 She has been forgiven of all her many sins. This is why she has shown me such extravagant love. But those who assume they have very little to be forgiven will love me very little.”

OBSERVATION: Way too often we take on the role of Simon, where we look down our noses and wonder why God, or anyone else, is giving an unsuspecting visitor a second chance. Simon stood by in amazement that Jesus would allow the woman from this story to even touch Him. After all, she was well known for her lifestyle, and the sinful acts that she committed. Let us meditate carefully on the way that Jesus handled this situation, and hopefully we can learn from it.

APPLICATION: To get the picture here, I would like for you to assume that you are having the pastor over for dinner. Shortly after he enters your home, and much to your embarrassment, a young lady, a distant relative, pops in for a very infrequent visit. After being introduced to your pastor, you are hoping that she would quickly leave, especially considering her tainted character, and her history of never wanting you to talk to her about the Lord. Much to your surprise, the young lady moves to the front room and makes her self comfortable on the ottoman near the pastor. Can you imagine the embarrassment, especially when you notice that the relative is asking to massage the feet of your pastor….. Can you start to get the picture of how Simon felt? But what if the pastor suddenly turns to your relative and starts speaking to her about the condition of her soul? I feel like there are stories in the Bible, such as this one, that are designed by Jesus to draw us in, and hopefully be reminded that the Gospel is for everyone – especially for those unsuspecting ones that we might otherwise brush aside and consider hopeless and perhaps helpless. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, it is stories like this one that I believe Jesus placed on the heart of His writers, to get through to Christians who tend to give up on folk that seem helpless to us. In other words, way too often we lose hope on our family and friends who have chosen to live lifestyles differently to ours, and visit places we choose to avoid, or hang out with friends that we can’t identify with. Fortunately for each person on this planet, I believe that God has such a laser beam of love focused on our heart, that for a time He is able to look straight through our sin – our bad intentions; our sinful acts; our dirty words; our depressing attitudes, our determination to avoid the things of God, etc. and He looks on us as His very own; the one for whom He allowed His precious Son to be beaten, crucified, and hang shamelessly on a cross in view of the world. Friends, let’s never forget that there are some who are axe murders; some who have robbed banks; some who hate others enough that they would terrorize them to the point of death; some who attended church all of their lives, but have never surrendered their lives to the lordship of Jesus Christ; yet God looks at them in their sin and with outstretched arms, will accept their cry for forgiveness just as He did in the case of the harlot who sat at His feet in Simon’s house. As His forgiven children aiming to live just like Jesus Christ, why then should we do any differently? It’s not up to us to judge or consider anyone unworthy of Jesus Christ, for only He knows the heart of the individual and the value of his/her soul. Let’s learn to love others, like He first loved us – even while we were yet sinners.

PRAYER: You went to the cross knowing that You had never sinned, yet You were obedient to the will of the Father and gave up Your life for us – even though we were sinners. And although we may tend to look at sinful acts as something that is much worse than we ever thought of, yet we stand in disobedience to You and Your commands each and every day. Thank You Jesus for the sacrifice You made for the forgiveness of my sin, and to provide an open path to eternity with You and the Father. Oh though so unworthy, yet I’m a child of the King! This is so amazing in the eyes of mere mankind! As we strive to live our life like Your sacrificial life here on earth, please help us to extend love to those that the world may frown on as unlovable and unworthy of You. For all who believe on the Son of God, to them gave He the power of life everlasting. Praise God that He sees a perfect heart cleansed by the blood of Jesus! AMEN!

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