Here’s What It Takes

Friday, 2019-07-19

Bible Reference: Luke 9:23
Translation: Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

Bible Text: 23 Jesus continued to say to all of them, “Any of you who want to be my follower must stop thinking about yourself and what you want. You must be willing to carry the cross that is given to you every day for following me.

OBSERVATION: I have heard that to become a good military officer, you must be willing to give up everything, for military leaders consider you their subject while under their leadership. From the outside looking in, think about how you identify military guys and gals when they enter your town and a restaurant where you are having a meal. I believe that God wants us to walk into a business and recognize His followers in much the same way. Let us be reminded of what God requires of us.

APPLICATION: I’m not sure what the initiation stages of the military is in each of your respective countries, but I’m sure that the orientation is probably very similar. For young men and women are having to be taught the differences between selfish desires, wants and wishes, to one that is dictated by the leadership of their country. To do this you will find very regimented military leaders who will impress upon you the differences between the two wills. So compare that to what God is commanding in our focal verses today. If you say with your mouth that you are a follower of Christ, but you continue to do your own thing, whenever you want, and wherever you feel like doing it, will that display God’s leadership in your life, or will that truly convey that you are still fighting to be your own boss, making the same mistakes and committing the same old sin? We are considered a very privileged people, when we try to imagine that a pure and holy God would adopt us into His family, if we seek His face and commit ourselves to His Lordship. Do we become perfect at that stage? Not while we are here on this earth, beaten on every side by Satan and his evil followers. However, in His Word, God promises that one day we will unite with Him in glory, where we will bow at His feet and worship our perfect King, in a holy and righteous place called heaven, forever and forever! So with that in mind, can we commit, or perhaps recommit today that we will serve only our God, regardless of the distractions of Satan, so that it will become very obvious to anyone around us, that we are Christ’s followers? For those who are already followers of Christ, please stay true to your Leader, and indoctrinate yourself with His Word, so that you may follow His ways, obey His commands, and become more like Him in every way, every day!

PRAYER: Lord, You are, more precious than silver…… and nothing I desire compares with You! So Lord please shower Your blessings on my readers and I today so that we may become more like You in every way. People need the Lord, and unless they see Jesus in every fiber of our beings, they may always doubt if anything good could ever come to us. You are good oh Lord, and I would ask that our circle of influence will see You and Your goodness in everything that we do or say. It’s You oh Lord that the world needs today, please use us in Your service to help others find You and accept You as Lord. AMEN!

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