Telling The World To Whom You Belong

Friday, 2019-08-02

Bible Reference: Luke12:8-9
Translation: The Passion Translation (TPT)

Bible Text: “I can assure you of this: If you don’t hold back, but freely declare in public that I am the Son of Man, the Messiah, I will freely declare to all the angels of God that you are mine. But if you publicly pretend that you don’t know me, I will deny you before the angels of God.

OBSERVATION: Today people that you come into contact with will know who guides your life. But I’m a boisterous type person who openly speaks my mind on every subject, you might say, and you know how to hide your private feelings, so your audience will never figure you out. Another might respond, but I’m a very quiet and reserved type person, so they will never figure me out. As we meditate today, let us consider what we say to friends every day regarding our faith and the one who has a lasting impression on our lives.

APPLICATION: Isn’t it interesting how God covered all types of individuals in the two Scripture verses chosen today, even the two mentioned in my Observation? Yes, for the one who is hyper and keeps talking endlessly, they may have a weak self image, so in their attempt to be seen or heard, they look for ways to be recognized. Often, this is a self image they are trying to develop, or make up for, and often this individual will tend to speak first and think afterwards. They might ask a lot of questions about their new found Savior, and eventually they may be some of the first to speak up in a Bible study class, or perhaps one of the first to pray in a prayer meeting. Friends might recognize a change has occurred in their lives, but I feel like they will quickly learn more about that change as they interact with this individual. Most individuals live to please others, and not to ‘rock the boat’ in their relationships with others. Therefore most will tend to hide their relationship with Christ as a private matter, if they suspect that talking about it would hinder relationships. Friends, if we’re not careful, this type of undercover Christian might easily be the type that Jesus speaks of in verse 9 – for these individuals may go along with the flow so often that friends will not even recognize that a ‘Christian’ is in their midst. Does this equal being ashamed of Christ? Or pretending to not even know Jesus as Lord? Let me encourage you to answer these questions. But consider this: If you were carrying around a 9″ cross as a witnessing tool, would there be situations and/or places and/or people groups where you would either hide that cross, or leave it at home? By chance, are you a little ashamed of the Christ who once hung on that cross to save the world when you are around certain people? Would you prefer that the world not know your association with Christ in certain crowds or situations? How then would you feel when Jesus tells the Father, I never knew this one? He said that He would do that if we pretend that we don’t know Him. Friends, I don’t believe for a minute that Jesus expects us to walk around with a huge Bible that we would bang over the heads of unbelievers. However, in much the same way that you would unashamedly associate yourself with your spouse, or parents, in any crowd or company, I believe that a man/woman/child should just as freely claim their submission to, dependence on, and allegiance to, their Savior and Lord – their Almighty God. Think on these things today child of God. Are you for Him, or against Him? Are you willing to tell the world that you love Him and claim Him as Lord of your life?

PRAYER: Oh Lord Jesus, we are grateful for our salvation and the awesome sacrifice that You made at Calvary. As our Creator, we are also grateful for the precious gifts You give to us each and every day to enjoy here on this earth. We thank You for all that You have done, and continue to do, so unselfishly just for us. Please fill us with a deep commitment to serve You, and to honor You, and to share about Your goodness in every circumstance of life. Please encourage us to not only be mouthpieces for You here on this earth, but may we also express Your love for us, through every action, regardless of the audience we might find ourselves in. AMEN!

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