Your Impact on Others

Tuesday, 2019-08-13

Bible Reference: Luke 14:34-35
Translation: The Passion Translation (TPT)

Bible Text: 34 “Salt is good for seasoning. But if salt were to lose its flavor, how could it ever be restored? 35 It will never be useful again, not even fit for the soil or the manure pile! If you have ears opened by the Spirit, then hear the meaning of what I have said and apply it to yourselves.”

OBSERVATION: I’m just a humble nobody, so how might I possible have an impact on anyone? I’m sure that may be the response of some when they read the title of today’s devotional, and they may even skip over this and move to another devotional that sounds more applicable to them. But the words shared in the above verses were actually spoken to fishermen; tax collectors (cheaters); and ordinary sons of ordinary men – Jesus’ disciples. Because God saw fit to include this challenge in His Word, then I believe He wants us to consider the same analogy. Meditate with me as we explore this.

APPLICATION: For the person who loves salt in their food while it is cooked, they can’t stand it when a health-conscious person decides to share with them a meal cooked their way – without salt. Most of you have probably already answered ‘disgusting’; ‘awful’; ‘tasteless’; or something similar. In our Scripture today, Jesus had just shared important qualities that he wanted His disciples to know, and to reflect in their lives each day. Jesus ended that dialogue by comparing their impact on the world, to the value of salt in its seasoning effectiveness. In pondering what Jesus might be saying to me on this subject, I believe He made me keenly aware that each of us have an impact on others in some way, and that depends on what type of person we have chosen to be and what things in life impact our lives. Think about it friends, when you walk away from Tom, what are your thoughts? You wish you were as kind hearted and loving as he came across in his dialogue with you? Or was he obnoxious, mean spirited, and a know-it-all that you couldn’t wait to leave his company? What about Susie, perhaps she was warm, caring and showed lots of interest in how you were doing? Perhaps she never once complained about someone else during the whole time you were together? I know, you come across a certain number of each character type in your typical day, but why should that bother you when asked about your day? Don’t miss the point my friend, in the same way that you walked away from Tom and Susie with your own impressions of them, and perhaps you swore to yourself that you would not spend a lot of time around at least one of them, that’s also the way that others are impacted by you. You say that you are a Christian, but do your friends experience Christ-like qualities while you are around them? You may ask, why should you act any special way around them, and I would encourage you to consider that what you do at home and around close family, that will you do when you’re at work, in a mall or anywhere else. Friends, if Jesus lives inside of you, and you are reminded from His Word daily about His qualities and His character, then I believe that you will reflect on that while you interact with others, because you will want to be just like Him at all times. Conversely, if you find yourself being mean spirited and ugly with people, then quickly analyze your relationship with the Lord. Is that an indication that you need more quiet time with Him – perhaps meditating on His Word, and praying for others, and for your character, so that you would reflect His image in all that you say and do? May God open your eyes today to know how you are doing with others, and especially how you are doing with Him. Just as salt is a valuable addition to our food, may you add value to the relationships in which you are a part, because of Jesus!

PRAYER: Take my life and let it be, consecrated Lord to thee. Take my hands and use them, take my feet and make them move in a direction led by You. Take my lips and let them speak kind and loving words, just as You do for me when I need them most. People need the Lord. Oh that they may see Jesus and experience His likeness in their interactions with me. May today’s Scripture, and my humble thoughts inspire my readers to love You more today, and desire a deeper walk with You, so that through their lives You may impact everyone they come into contact with. Go being our help, our strength and our director. AMEN!

Author: Ed Algreen

One of God's kids expressing his understanding of God's Word and sharing how it is affecting his life! May those who read it be blessed, encouraged, and drawn closer to the Lord!

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