Your Song of Praise

Sunday, 2019-09-15

Bible Reference: Psalm 59:16-17
Translation: Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

Bible Text: 16 But I will sing about your strength.
    I will rejoice in your love every morning.
You have been my place of safety,
    the place I can run to when troubles come.
17 I will sing praises to you, my source of strength.
    You, God, are my place of safety.
    You are the God who loves me!

OBSERVATION: When we’re about to receive thousands of dollars, we could probably assemble an unbelievable great song of praise to God! When our first grandchild is born, our hearts are so filled with the miracle of new birth that words of praise to our God would flow forth uncontrollably from our lips. But what about our song when we reflect on the ups and downs of our week? What about when our marriage is not going well, or when we’re overwhelmed with the stress of people out to ‘get us’? Should those times of praise look any differently? Meditate with me as we think about this.

APPLICATION: It is so easy for us to raise our songs of complaining about our finances; our health; our loved one’s hospitalization; and so on. All I know is, that no matter how hard one might have it, as for me, my situation is at a breaking point, so listen up dear friend as I unload on you!! To the contrary, can you imagine the feeling that must have come over the spies from Saul’s group as they snuck up to David’s house and overheard Him singing praises to his God? Friends, I don’t know about you, but I am very ‘human’ when it comes to stressful situations, similar to the situation David must have been facing at this time in his life where Saul was out to kill him. I become jittery inside, grouchy with those around me, and often become silent (to make sure I don’t say the wrong thing), so would I ever think of making time to glorify God in the middle of my pity party? Highly unlikely! But is it not true that Jesus never fought back, or showed anger, or hatred towards those who set out to harm Him? He knew it was the Father’s will that He should go to the cross, and He was prepared to honor Him in everything ordained by God. Could it be that God places us in certain situations to help us grow closer to Him, or perhaps learn to understand others, or perhaps get that chip off our shoulder? Scripture repeats itself in telling us that ‘in ALL things, give thanks’! Imagine with me for a moment that the same God who blesses us richly each and every day, is the same God that waits for our acknowledgment of His lordship even when things don’t seem to be going the way we expected. He’s in control Brothers and Sisters, so never turn your back on Him. Satan would love nothing more than to temp you with something and than see you fail, or at least falter in your faith. Be strong in the Lord and trust in Him in ALL your ways, my friend! This is a good day to strive for that goal! Prayerfully get before the Master and ask Him to help you make right decisions; read His Word for His answer back to you and the direction you should follow; listen to the spoken Word from Bible Believing pastors; and then be busy about His work. His ways will ultimately lead to a path that brings praise back to the Almighty. So seek my Lord while you are able to, and be obedient to His call. There’s nothing more satisfying in this whole world than to know that you are following the will of God, for this is what He desires of His children seeking to be with Him for eternity!

PRAYER: Oh Lord, I am truly reminded today to continue praising You in the good times, but also to never forget to praise You in the storms of life. You never promised us life without challenges, but you assured us that You will be with us at ALL times, and in every circumstance of life. Lord, You know the challenges that we face, and how overwhelmed we become at times. Please help us to always keep our heads up, looking full into the face of the One who loves us beyond compare, and reminding us that You will love us through the good, and the challenging times of life. Thank You for Your unconditional, sacrificial love for us, please help us to love You enough to never question Your ways and Your decisions. Please help those that will read this devotional and may not know you personally, to realize that You’re are every bit as awesome as I have tried to portray in this devotional today. For You are alone are God, and there is no one above or beyond You. AMEN!

Author: Ed Algreen

One of God's kids expressing his understanding of God's Word and sharing how it is affecting his life! May those who read it be blessed, encouraged, and drawn closer to the Lord!

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