Will You Know Him?

Thursday, 2019-10-24

Bible Reference: John 7:40-44
Translation: The Passion Translation (TPT)

Bible Text: 40 When the crowd heard Jesus’ words, some said, “This man really is a prophet!” 41 Others said, “He’s the Messiah!” But others said, “How could he be the Anointed One since he’s from Galilee? 42 Don’t the Scriptures say that he will be one of David’s descendants and be born in Bethlehem, the city of David?” 43 So the crowd was divided over Jesus, 44 some wanted him arrested but no one dared to lay a hand on him.

OBSERVATION: In our Scripture verses today, you could tell that there was confusion around who the crowd thought it was who just spoke to them. Some thought he was a prophet, others thought perhaps the Messiah, while some thought he was the Anointed One, but some were sure that none of these could be right, since they understood the Scriptures to say He was born in Bethlehem. I wonder how you will identify Jesus, for Scriptures assure us that He is coming again!

APPLICATION: I once had an appointment with the CEO of a fairly large corporation. After parking my car, I walked into the building expecting to be directed to the secretary of the CEO. Upon entering the building, I was greeted by this fairly laid back individual in a casual shirt, without a tie, who I thought would direct me to my appointment. Instead I was told that he was the CEO! I was totally blown away, for he did not meet my expected image of a recognized CEO! I recently read the account of an undertaker in a small town who had no remaining family members, and was somewhat of a loner. It came time when he realized that he was dying, and he sat down to evaluate how he would distribute his net worth. He was so alone that he knew for sure that no one would attend his funeral, but he thought that would be one way of directing some of his assets. So he instructed his attorney to divide $500,000 among all those who attended his funeral. Surprisingly some 270 people attended from around the small town, even though they didn’t know this man very well. To their amazement, they received a check of over $1,800 just days later! We can see from our Scripture today that the crowd gathered who had heard Jesus speak, was in a real dilemma as to who this man could possibly be, and I expanded on that in my Observation above. Please note that some were sure that this was a nobody, as they always knew that nothing good came from Bethlehem. But friend of God, how then will you recognize Jesus when He returns? Will He look like the picture in your mind? Will He be as tall, or wide or thick as you expect? Will you think to look into His hands? Will you discount Him for ‘a nobody’ if He does not fit the mold you have developed in your mind? Have you seen Him today and walked on by Him because you thought that He would beg you for food or money? Remember the Scripture where Jesus said: for as much as we have helped on of the least of His kids, we have done it unto Him? May I suggest that you dig into your Bible each and every day? It is the living Word of God! Not only will you learn the character and mind of Christ, but You will also learn Biblical truths that will help you Know Jesus today, and in His second coming. Be ready for the return of our Lord and Savior, for He could return today. Only those who are ready for His return will He take on to live with He and His Father in heaven for ever and ever. No, that does not give you another chance to ready yourself for a third coming, for the Bible has nothing to say about that. However, your alternative will be eternal damnation in Hell with Satan. Be sure you have accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior my friend, for He will only return for His own.

PRAYER: Lord, we know You will return one day soon, and we know that You will only take those who have made the advanced choice of going with You when You return. I pray that no one reading this devotional will make a bad choice, for I would be extremely saddened to know that they chose to ignore my advice, and Your call on their life. Oh that today may be the day of salvation for all who read this and are without Christ. Praise God I live in a state of waiting for Your return. May today be the day! AMEN!

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