Jesus is the Answer!

Thursday, 2019-11-14

Bible Reference: John 12:35-36
Translation: The Passion Translation (TPT)

Bible Text: 35 Jesus replied, “You will have the light shining with you for only a little while longer. While you still have me, walk in the light, so that the darkness doesn’t overtake you. For when you walk in the dark you have no idea where you’re going. 36 So believe and cling to the light while I am with you, so that you will become children of light.”

OBSERVATION: In our world, filled with frustrations, crime, backbiting and envy, don’t you wish sometime that life was simpler and much less stressful? Don’t you feel sometime that you have the weight of the world on your shoulders bearing you down? Take a deep breath, and now re-read today’s Scripture! Isn’t it obvious that Jesus is the answer? Meditate with me as we reflect on this awesome truth today!

APPLICATION: In John 1:5 we are told that the same light referred to in our focal verses today, is actually ‘Jesus‘. God saw how far His precious children had gone off course, and away from the ideals He had first established for us to follow, so He sent His precious Son as a ‘LIGHT’ to remind us of the joy, refreshment, peace and hope that belong to those of us looking for a way out of the darkness that seem to overwhelm us everywhere that we turn here on earth. Yesterday I glanced at my Facebook account, and there was one plea after another for prayer and encouragement. In one case a dad and his relatives were mourning the sudden death of a 30+ year old son who was killed in a tragic accident; in another case close to home, a husband lost His precious wife who was his primary caregiver and support; in another case someone was very concerned for her family displaced by Hurricane Dorian; another friend is anxiously wanting to retire for relief from the stress of her job; and if I would have read on, I bet there would have been more friends feeling the results of the ‘darkness’ of this world, than those who were able to rejoice in the Light of all that God has blessed them with. Friends, I believe that most of you reading this devotional will identify with the struggles I mentioned, because we all are impacted by the ‘darkness’ of the world that we live in. HOWEVER, true to form, I went to the Word of God today to discover ways that I might be encouraged by the God of all hope! And I was reminded that we were created in the image of God so that we might return praise back to Him. So what have we gotten ourselves into that hinders that praise back to our Father? Do we have an open and honest relationship with His Son, and experience the freedom of chatting with Him about all these worldly things that tend to stress us out? Are we able to praise Him, even in the storms of life that come our way? Don’t you think that the child of God that praises Him in all circumstances of life, will truly be able to approach Him with every decision that must be made, and every challenge that we foresee with just our human heart and eyes? Oh dear friend, let us together learn to speak with our Lord every day of the week, and not just when called upon to do so while at church. Remember, our relationship is with Jesus, and while our church family will definitely encourage us and support us, there is no one that could ratify your relationship with the Master, but you. Our verses today remind us to do this while the Light (Jesus) is available to us. I would boldly remind us that we’ve had enough of the ‘darkness’. It is high time that children of the Light, look to the Light for His huge hand of protection; healing; mercy and encouragement each and every day, so that He might wipe out the effects of the darkness and all the misfortunes that it burdens us with. Learn to praise Him in your storms of life, and recognize Him for the all-powerful, almighty God that He is. Hard to imagine that He loves even us – wimps and weaklings – but He does. We are His creation that He put His life on the line for!

PRAYER: To the Light of the world, Jesus my Savior, I am honored and humbled to stand in Your presence and not only recognize You as my Lord and Savior, but as the Light that will extinguish all darkness and especially the impacts of the ills and darkness of this wicked world. These bad things impact us all every day dear Lord, but I ask that You help us to stay focused on You and keep our eyes fixed on the awesome God that You are. Please guide us daily out of the darkness and into the light, so that our hearts will be freed and ready to worship and praise You in every aspect of life. You alone are God. Please help us to respect Your position in life, and be reminded of our need for You – in all things. AMEN!

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