The Reason Why

Tuesday, 2019-11-26

Bible Reference: John 15:18-19
Translation: The Message (MSG)

Bible Text: 18-19 “If you find the godless world is hating you, remember it got its start hating me. If you lived on the world’s terms, the world would love you as one of its own. But since I picked you to live on God’s terms and no longer on the world’s terms, the world is going to hate you.

OBSERVATION: We are somewhat blessed in the US to not have open persecution against Christians like we read about in Bible days, and hear about in other world countries. Speak with a missionary who has served in a difficult country. and in many cases you could hear of heart wrenching persecution. Why? Because the world notices that we have found peace and satisfaction in the Savior of the world, and we did that without having to fight or push our weight around to gain it. I Believe that in following the example of our Father, the world will see that we show ‘love’ in numerous ways, even in difficult situations, and they may wonder ’why’? Let’s meditate on the reason Jesus gave us in today’s Scripture about our peace, and about the thing that causes the world to hate us.

APPLICATION: When most might be looking for ways to attract the world’s attention, and to promote self, it seems strange that Jesus would draw our attention to the negative aspects of serving Him. However, in our attempt to follow Jesus and to imitate Him in every way, would we expect to do better than He achieved in His day? Remember, He went around healing; raising the dead; and bringing sight back to the blind, yet the religious leaders sought to trap Him in various ways, and kill Him. Surely we live in a different era and in a free country, so we have nothing to worry about, right? Friends, while I am not promoting the idea of Christians becoming rebels, and creating an uproar in our communities, I am convinced that many of us have escaped opposition, because the world fears no oppositions when dealing with us. Most of us are very vocal within the four walls, and safety of our churches, but when we leave that safe haven, like chameleons, we slither into our communities undetected by the world as being anything different to the worldly neighbor next door. Dear friend, just as the world looks at us and immediately discerns whether we are male or female, may they also sense and detect that the love of Jesus lives, and leads us in every aspect of life. Yes, that will sometimes cause individuals to hate us – but isn’t that what the Word of God is making us fully aware of today? This is what happened to our Savior, and if we are His replica, we should expect this, and not at all be surprised or disappointed by the world’s actions. Oh that they may see Jesus today!

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I don’t believe that it was easy for you to deal with the opposition while here on earth, but thankfully You sent the Comforter to help us. Thankfully You provided Your Word to show us how You dealt with the world. May Your children yearn to follow in Your footsteps each and every day, knowing that we will face opposition, ridicule and hatred, but also knowing that we have an advocate who guides, protects and loves us in every circumstance of life. May You receive glory from our actions and our words today because we aim to please You and imitate You in every aspect of our lives. AMEN!

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