The Unseen Hand

What an awesome beginning Elisha! May God continue to touch you as you study His Word and share Its truth with others!

Putting Life Together

Life is full of things that we don’t understand. We don’t understand why we couldn’t get that new job. We don’t understand why we got into that car accident. We don’t understand why a loved one gets sick and/or passes away. It seems like things are against us sometimes. For some people, it may even seem like everything is against them all of the time!

Why is that? Are you a failure? Did you do something wrong? Does God hate you? These can be some pretty scary thoughts that might go through your head if you’re anything like me. However, the truth is that your still inside God’s plan. Maybe He might be trying to get your attention. Maybe you haven’t submitted to Him yet. Maybe it’s time to dust off your Bible and revisit the word.

“But what if I am doing all of that,” I can hear you…

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