The Clay vs The Potter

May I encourage you to get your spiritual ‘Nuggets’ to start your day off right? Pretty amazing that our awesome God would consider feeding even us with His Word! May I encourage you to read the whole devotional, and look for a blessing, friend!………

Today’s Bible Reference: Isaiah 64:8–9
Today’s Bible Text: GOD, you are our Father. We’re the clay and you’re our potter: All of us are what you made us. Don’t be too angry with us, O GOD. Don’t keep a permanent account of wrongdoing. Keep in mind, please, we are your people—all of us.
The Bible Translation: The Message (MSG)

My Take Away: There are some aspects of being ‘clay’ in the ‘Potter’s’ hands that could be frightening, but yet some that could be encouraging. Let’s look at each thought:

  • Frightening: I’m sure you have seen potters who would get so fed up with the clay that they chose to work with, that they just smashed it, after being convinced in their mind, that there is no hope of improvement, or correction, or transformation. What if God gave up on us like that? Isaiah had just relayed in prior verses that our best efforts are often no better than filthy rags, compared to the majesty of our Father (our Potter). So as we reflect on this scripture and we look to our Creator, who are we but the image of clay, that we might ask our Father to please try again. Please forgive our imperfections and our inabilities, and simply look at us as His humble creation that is modeled after His likeness with every desire to be more like Him in every way;
  • Encouraging: In spite of a potter’s ability to smash an imperfect first attempt at a piece of clay, it is very encouraging to consider that the potter could then take that same piece of clay and start over, to produce the most perfect thing that anyone could imagine. I believe that often we are at stages in our lives where we feel like we have messed up so much that we wish God would just start all over again with us. There are also times that we may beg God to please smooth off our rough edges; improve our speech; give us more boldness and understanding, so that we might be more productive witnesses for Him. I feel like what is really encouraging, is that we don’t have to enter the battle, or this world, in a weakened form, or unprepared, or with attitudes that might hinder the gospel, as we have a Deliverer, a Counselor, a Savior who wants to see us at our best for Him, so that the world might know…..

I feel like the greatest thing to remember today friends, is that we are not the Potter, so let’s not enter into battle unprepared or with broken pieces. Let’s look to our Potter – the Lord himself, and ask Him to prepare us for the battle, which is against all that He stands for.

Prayer: Lord, this scripture helps us to place into perspective the awesome God that we serve, or for the unbeliever, I believe they could see the tremendous power of the One who created them and who stands ready to re-mold them, should they decide to seek help before it is eternally too late. Father, You made perfect humans, yet in giving us self-will we have chosen to wander away from You and do our own thing, or the popular thing that the world expects. Please forgive us Lord, and once again speak to the very hearts of your children that are so desperately in need of re-molding. May we be as pliable as clay in your hands so that You might direct us and love us back into Your good graces. Please help us to be more like You each and every day, and may we encourage others to do the same, for I ask this in the name of Jesus, Your blessed Son, AMEN!

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