While You Wait

HE HOLY BIBLE (God’s Word Translation – 2 Peter 3:11-14): 11 …. So think of the kind of holy and godly lives you must live 12 as you look forward to the day of God and eagerly wait for it to come….. When that day comes, heaven will be on fire and will be destroyed. Everything that makes up the universe will burn and melt. 13 But we look forward to what God has promised—a new heaven and a new earth—a place where everything that has God’s approval lives. 14 Therefore, dear friends, with this to look forward to, make every effort to have him find you at peace, without (spiritual) stains or blemishes. 

THOUGHTS: Many business places have now introduced televisions in their lobbies, because they have found that if they could distract customers’ attention to a TV screen, they would not be as likely to notice how long they have been standing in line, and therefore lash out on the clerk who will eventually serve them. Our all knowing God, realized that this would be the case with His children here on earth, in regards to His second coming. For those who have never accepted Christ, a delayed return may help to confirm their Satan influenced idea that there is no God, and of course, even if He did exist, they would never see or hear from Him here on this earth, so there is nothing to worry about. For those of us that call Him Savior, Lord, Friend, Jesus, etc, God knows that without proper guidance, we may actually wonder if we made a good decision and wonder the same as the unsaved, whether there really is a God. Our minds wonder and often Satan will fill our minds with doubt. God knew forehand that things like this might occur, so in addition to the many promises we find in His Word, the miracles that we read about and witness in our own lives, and the overwhelming anticipation we have of one day uniting with Jesus and His Father, we find in this scripture, instructions how we are to live while we wait. Friends, we do pretty good at dressing and acting like the boss wants while at work, and as we represent our employer in our community. We do good at being ‘perfect’ Christians while inside our church walls, and/or while trying to impress others, but from the standpoint of God, where He knows our very thoughts, hearts, minds and intentions, are we really reflecting on the outside what we are on the inside? Verse 14 sums up what God expects of us: That we live at peace with God, and everyone else that He placed all around us, and that we live without allowing the world to stain our Christian lives or blemish us in any way. My pastor said in his sermon last week that we are to be protective of the world polluting our Christian walk with sin! Friends, many marriages end in divorce because couples make the commitment, but don’t follow through in unselfishly living the talk out to prove their commitment to their spouse. We classify folk as ‘Christian’ when they make a public profession of faith. Only God knows what’s on the inside of that person and how committed they are to Him. So individually, we must commit to following the will and word of the Lord, in faith, knowing that His return to take us on to glory is nearer now that it has ever been in the history of mankind. Live in peace Brothers and Sisters and constantly seek the strong hand of Jesus to protect you from the (sin) pollution of this world in which we are temporarily living while we wait!

PRAYER: Thank You Lord, for saving my soul, thank You Lord, for making me whole…. Often we think of our salvation as our ticket into heaven, and I suppose it is Lord, but I believe Your Word is clear about our responsibility while still here on this earth. Thank You for this reminder through Your servant Peter. May we be blessed with power from above today so that we might truly live as Your representatives, in peace and without blemish, so that You may be lifted up, praised and worshipped. May the unsaved see Jesus in and through Your servants. Please use us, Your children, as Your instruments of light in this dark world and give us Your power to remain at peace and without the stains of this cruel and ungodly world. You are God of ALL, so I ask all this in the precious name of Your Son, our redeemer, AMEN!

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